The despised homeless of the city: city pigeons

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My best regards to all, Venus

They still exist … the good people

At the bar entrance, a sign says this:

“We ask all our customers with all our heart not to be bothered by the number of dogs (street) in the Amazon bar. We are a suitable place for pets and love. We give water and food to these sweet angels.

Sorry if it’s hard, but they’re not doing anything – they’re just coming to find food or shelter from the rain.
Thank you so much for the blessings “

(Text: Randika Madhumal)

There are a few who hear, who understand, who think and reflect, who have learned to respect the lives of “other” animals.

In principle, one could also use examples from the “few” to self-critically question one’s own morality, instead of clinging to convention and system-loyally act over and over again.
This is a very good example of acting ethically!

My best regards to all, Venus