Actual Survey: Majority of Society advocates Animal Welfare Research and Checks!




Animal rights activists illegally take pictures of grievances in stables.
A survey shows that most people in Germany find this legitimate.


Get into a stable and film secretly: So activists reveal animal cruelty again and again. Foto: ARIWA

BERLIN taz-newspaper |

Most people in Germany consider it justified that animal welfare organizations reveal animal suffering by secretly filming in stables. This emerges from a representative survey of the opinion research institute Emnid. On Thursday evening, the Federal Parliament wants to debate a proposal by the FDP (the Liberal Party), which should make such searches more difficult with the help of tax law.

Clients of the survey are the Animal Organisations Ariwa, Animal Equality, German Animal Protection Bureau, Peta, Soko Animal Protection and Animal Retriever, which themselves repeatedly published undercover images of abuses on farms.

This undercover method supports 82.5 percent of respondents. 85 percent were in favor of stronger controls on animal welfare on farms. According to the study, 1,012 people over the age of 14 were interviewed last week for the study.

The CDU and the FDP, on the other hand, demand that activists who secretly enter agricultural farms for undercover shootings be punished.
In addition, they want to withdraw the charitable status of organizations that publish appropriate footage !!

In this notch also suggests the FDP application in the federal day. Accordingly, the plenary is to call on the government to defend against the charitable status of associations that “violate the applicable penal laws or call for such a breach of law.” Probably the topic is first referred to a committee.

FDP (the Liberal Party)says: “Animal rights activists ax to the rule of law!”
Gero Hocker, agricultural policy spokesman of the FDP parliamentary group, justified the application in conversation with the taz newspaper so: “I believe that puts the ax to the rule of law, if private-sector organizations take over functions, that actually have to be taken over by the veterinary authorities.” The animal rights activists respond that the state does not fulfill this task sufficiently and therefore must be generated by their shots political pressure.


Foto: Animal Equality

Peta-law expert Edmund Haferbeck does not believe that the proposal, if made, would change the legal situation. Already now, the tax authorities would take the status of “Public usefulness from this organisations, which calls for criminal offenses.
“In addition, the Higher Regional Court in Naumburg (Germany) has judged that penetration in stables is not punishable, if it uncovered maladministration, for which there were hints, for example, by whistleblowers,” said Haferbeck.

Peta is not vulnerable anyway. “We only publish videos that have been taken by others.” The organization had already disbanded its “investigation department” in 2013. The German Animal Welfare Office, for example, argues similarly.

Contrary to what is often said, the entry into the stables is usually not “burglary”. For, for example, the Duden defines this as follows: “forcibly entering a building, into a room or similar (to steal something)“. But violence is usually not necessary to enter many stables: they are often not closed. There are also no (or few) cases, where farmers have accused the activists of opening doors or stealing something. Legally, the activists are therefore usually accused of trespassing. But even that usually does not last in court.

But violence is usually not necessary to enter stables: they are often not closed!!

“The results of the survey show how far the demands of some politicians, above all the FDP parliamentary group and the Federal Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner, are bypassing the will of the population,” said the six animal rights associations. “Again and again, new cases show that official animal welfare controls are not effective. The fact that the detection of abuses by animal rights organizations should be targeted is a scandal and does not coincide with the conviction of the German population. “

Translation: Venus!5513149/

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  1. […] Tribunal Regional Superior de Stuttgart (Alemania) ha rechazado la apelación que solicitaban dos activistas de una asociación de defensa de los animales, que fueron condenados en 2015  por entrar […]

  2. […] Tribunal Regional Superior de Stuttgart (Alemania) ha rechazado la apelación que solicitaban dos activistas de una asociación de defensa de los animales, que fueron condenados en 2015  por entrar […]

  3. Ya el subtítulo der artículo muestra cuál es el sentido más profundo de la discusión: a pesar de que ciertas acciones de los activistas son consideradas en base a las leyes actuales como “ilegales”, la mayoría de los alemanes consideran dichas actividades como legítimas.

    Las leyes adquieren su valor normativo porque reflejan hasta cierto punto las convicciones morales de una sociedad. Cuando dejan de hacerlo, cuando las leyes positivas contradicen normas morales, dichas leyes deben ser cambiadas. Eso se llama progreso cultural.

    Quiénes no comprenden este proceso, y se niegan a adaptar sus normas éticas, siguen siendo racistas, sexistas y … especista.

  4. Already the subtitle of the article shows what the deepest meaning of the discussion is: although certain actions of activists are considered based on current laws as “illegal”, most Germans consider such activities as legitimate.

    Laws acquire their normative value because they reflect to a certain extent the moral convictions of a society. When they stop doing so, when positive laws contradict moral norms, those laws must be changed. That is called cultural progress.

    Who do not understand this process, and refuse to adapt their ethical standards, are still racist, sexist and … specista.

    (Both the Spanish and the English-translated text belong to a reader of the blog with the name Jorge Bogarin) Thanks for both, Jorge Bogarin!

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