Romania / Serbia: Mr Janusz Wojciechowski MEP Video Interview: Killing dogs in Romania – just the same as killing dogs in Serbia.

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Janusz Wojciechowski MEP: Killing dogs in Romania:

The title could and should also be for the killing of dogs in Serbia as well as Romania.

President of the EU Wojciechowski animal welfare intergroup Janusz Wojciechowski MEP gives a very interesting and informative interview on the dog situation in Romania; the huge finances involved (supplied by the EU) which are NOT being put into sterlilisations and other areas of good animal welfare control.  Instead it is going into authority corruption; just as we have said and shown in Serbia over many years of work.

Everything said by Mr. Wojciechowski in the video which can very easily also be applied to the stray animal killing and corruption which is going on in Serbia.  Remember that Serbia is currently going through EU accession !

We have learned a lot from this interview and we will now be looking at also taking the same issues to the EU authorities; Commissions and animal welfare Intergroup regarding Serbia’s disgusting treatment of stray animals.

The people at the EU Enlargement Commission responsible for Serbian accession have completely ignored all the data we have presented to them.  They are never in response to us – we and all of our evidence are simply ignored.

So now we have to move on and take alternative action(s).

We will aim to also use ‘Public Health’ across the EU as the basis for our evidence.  We know that Serbian campaigners can also put pressure on their national authorities about this issues – especially as Serbia wants to join the EU !

As Mr. Wojciechowski declares; the non implementation of providing basic shelters and sterilisations for all stray animals by the Romanian authorities in “very bad”.  It is seen that between 250 and 500 Euros of EU money – almost double the monthly wage for Romanians; is being paid by the authorities for the killing of every single stray animal in Romania; whist the same authorities are putting not one Euro into shelters and stray animal sterilisations to reduce animal numbers in the long term. 

Oh how all of this stinks of the very same actions by Serbian government and ministry, and regional authorities.  Corruption is the big player in Romania, as has now been exposed to the EU Commission and authorities – and the very same thing is happening in Serbia.

We have been trying to expose the corruption and lack of progress by the Serbian authorities for many years.  Now the EU is waking up to what is happening in Romania; we have an obligation to provide the EU with all the on going evidence we have regarding the situation in Serbia.

As Mr. Wojciechowski says in the video; Public Health is an EU wide issue, not a national issue as the Romania authorities want everyone to believe.  Everthing can be mirrored directly into the Serbian authorities actions and what is being said by the Serbian government and authorities.

The coming months will be interesting !

Video link –  Janusz Wojciechowski MEP: Killing dogs in Romania:

Spot the connection:

Romania below

Romania 4

… and here we have Serbia

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Further update 20/10/15.

The above post, including the video link, has now been sent to the EU Animal Welfare Intergroup; members of the EU Enlargement Commission (for Serbia) as well as to Enlargement Commissioner Hahn at the EU.

Our first formal report should finally be produced within the next week and we will provide a link to it on this site for all to see.  The report, if necessary will be the first of several detailing the evidence we and others have provided to the Enlargement Commission as well as information from other organisations and groups undertaking animal welfare in Serbia.

If the EU Commission is unprepared to enforce the Serbian authorities to act within Serbia for stray animal legislation; then we are now preparing to take our case to the European Courts.  Our report(s) are / will be produced in order to provide full details of what lack of action the EU Enlargement Commission is taking in Serbia regarding enforcement of  ‘the Rule of law’; which they at the EU proudly promote and inform us is a paramount requirement for any new state seeking EU accession.

This has now gone beyond ‘Serbia’ national legislation.  With the money the EU is providing to Serbia; just like Romania, for alleged animal welfare; none of it is being used to the benefit of animals.

If we have to show this to the EU courts, then we will.

Over the next few weeks we will consider what way we are now to move on, and how we will do it.

For the above video link, replace ‘Romania’ with ‘Serbia’ – this will form the basis of our case.  Corruption at the expense of animal deaths.

Public Health in Serbia will now become an EU issue for the new EU member state called Serbia that wishes to join.

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