Poland has made a quantum leap in animal welfare in hunts.

Poland was the hunt country number one for hobby hunters from German-speaking countries, especially in western Poland. Now completely different rules of the game apply, which come into effect from the 1st of April. From now on, all social hunts must be reported in advance to the authorities. Hunting opponents will be able to adjust to it in the future. The intentional obstruction of the hunt is no longer punishable.

In the revolutionary Polish hunting reform (IG Wild at Wild informed), foreign hunters like Hubertus-Hunting will probably not enjoy much either. The animal rights activists prefer that the hobby killers will be able to avoid their country in the future.

The new regulations will also improve the supervision of the Minister of the Environment through the Polish Hunting Association. For too long the criminal bustle was watched. The public opinion to hobby hunters opposite is completely tilted. The same can be said in Czechoslovakia and so on. The stupid and hypocritical talk of shooters and benefactors, lawyers of the animals, etc. the hobby hunters just is not right.

Whoever kills senselessly does not protect, and it does not benefit civilized society.
Above all, the new hunting law will strengthen the rights of property owners. They will now be able to pacify their land from hobby hunter gangs without giving any reason.
In addition, the new regulations increase the distance to residential buildings, near which hobby hunters can hunt from 100 to 150 meters. The hunt may only be carried out at a distance of at least 500 meters from public meetings.

Minors have been banned from active and passive hunting. So, no more children are allowed to drive for hunts from the surrounding villages. The new law is intended to guarantee a harmonious development for children and adolescents.

According to the new law, the hobby hunters have to undergo every 5 years medical and psychological character test!


You cannot shoot in national parks or nature reserves without permission, etc.
Under the new law, it will now be impossible to use live animals in the training of hunting birds and hunting dogs.

For example, the fox caught in the wild has been kept on a leash so that he
cannot escape. For this purpose, he has tied his muzzle with tape, so he cannot defend himself. (Unfortunately, the video where the fox is shown as a training victim is no longer available).
The sadism to which the average hobby-hunter feels attracted when dealing with wild animals, there are no limits, there would not be common sense, which intervenes against the hobby hunters.

This can be observed in all countries with a hobby-hunter culture.
The hunting of wolves in Poland has been banned since 1998. Depending on the source, an inventory of around 1,500-2,500 animals is estimated.

Thus, Poland has made a quantum leap in animal welfare in hunts. Wild Wild IG congratulates all the revolutionary forces that have made this possible.

Translation: Venus

My comment :The new regulations in Poland prove, that violence against animals can be abolished from above, because the system has the power to do so.
Whether the neighboring country, Germany, will take over something from the new exemplary regulation of Poland … What do you think?
I can only say, that the hunting law in Germany, in spite of stupid “renewals”, is the hunting law in the sense of the “Reichsjagdgesetz” of 3 July 1934.
That means, we still have a fascist hunting law.
A minority of 0.45% in the German population thinks they can do in the woods what they want.
And anyone who disagrees will be intimidated by force of arms.
And with the new government, everything what has to do with hunting, looks much worse than before.


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