Germany: Now Approves Hunters To Murder 100,000 Wild Boar.


Dear Mark,
I’m sorry that I cannot send you and everyone here any good news.
But in any case, I want to make known this planned mass murder of German authorities against wild boars to all those, who still don`t  know that.

The Ministry of Agriculture of Brandenburg has given the order for the execution of 100,000 wild boars !!

Yes! Everyone read it right!

There are 100,000 living beings who will fall victims to the forest psychopaths (= hunters).
“I would be satisfied with that quota”, said the Minister of Agriculture of Baden-Württemberg Peter Hauk.
The execution of foxes, raccoons, game we have already set in the hunt law.
Now it’s about the wild boars.
Because they should (allegedly, perhaps, eventually) transmit the causative agent of African pig pest on mast pigs.

Although the fattening pigs have no contact with wild boar.
Because they live and die in boxes, in an area of 0.55-0.7 m wide and 1.6-1.9 m long, they never see the meadows, they never see the sun, they are kept miserable, miserable transported, and brutally slaughtered.
Nevertheless, the authorities create fear and panic, although they have not yet recorded any cases of the plague.
From the Czech Republic and Poland only single cases of the plague are reported, in Germany there have not been any.

Several countries now have premiums competing for the murder of a wild boar.
In Bavaria, the authorities give for killed boar 20 euros.
In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, there are 25 euros per hunted pig.
In Brandenburg even 50 euros!
And to make the competition even more attractive, it applies: money will only be available if the murder rate exceeds the hunting range of the 2014/15 season.

For this purpose, almost all federal states have shortened or canceled the gentle season for wild boar.
Money-Headhunters are already on the way.

In order to help the competition, the Ministry of Agriculture in Brandenburg advertises live traps.
As a “complementary and effective tool”!!!
For hunters, who have interest for traps, the Ministry immediately submitted an application online.

The link even works! for a simple police certificate of good conduct one must appear personally at the citizens office. This request can be made online.
As always, we find a hunter`s explanation for the execution in the press:
“Nobody does it because of the money. Skip of the illness on Germany would cause great damage for the pig-keepers. This means export- and movement-prohibitions “!!

Oh! yes!!
Murders help animal abusers!
That’s what I understand under fascism.

Best regards


Fox weeks in “civilized” Germany!!

 Please visit and sign as many petitions as you can – updated 28/1/18.



Fox weeks in “civilized” Germany!!

What happens if we use the keyword “fox hunting” in Google?
Comes a horror result: half a million foxes kill 381,821 hunters annually, hunters who I call psychopaths of the forest.
Torture and murder against foxes has a long tradition in Germany.
And it starts again now. Nationwide, the hunters blow these days again to massive hunting for foxes. There are corresponding “action weeks” in almost every city, where every primitive and unrestrained “Huntsboy” of the German hunter gang can participate in the planned bloodbath these days.

The cruel “hunter” souvenirs of the massacred animals, which are proudly and “traditionally” posted on every hunting blog, remind one of the Holocaust.
The one who proves most fox tails is the shooter king.
To this bloody spectacle belongs the horn blowing and the schnapps in front of it, in between and afterwards.

What remains of the animals is decoratively laid “on track”. Arranged in series and limb, the carcasses are “pretty” next to each other.
Many of them badly messed up with cracked pines and barrels or gushing guts.

We have to imagine one thing: the animal shown in the photo is only the top of the iceberg.
Because if the death gets the male dog after mating, which plays an important role in the later rearing of the boys, then later on the boys will die, and the mother will often die at the same time.

Never had our hunters easily massacred their potential victims than in those days. The otherwise shy and suspicious foxes are now in mating season, walking carefree, unaware and investing all their attention in actions that serve their survival.
Which on those nights cost thousands of their heads.

Now almost every remedy is right in the murder of the fox. In North Rhine-Westphalia anyway, where the new state government sets completely new, worse standards for nature conservation.

One has to be morally and ethically quite degenerate to enjoy such pictures of the massacred animals.
But the most of the 381,821 German sham owners with the license to kill, have proudly preserved this “ability” or even “cultivated” it!

In all parts of Germany the so-called “Fox week” will take place from the 28th of January to the 2nd of February.
Which is nothing but the terror of a minority of 0, 46% sadistic murderer against innocent and defenseless animals.
And a population of over 80,000,000 Germans makes this terror possible with their “tolerance” which is nothing else than cowardice.

That is today’s civilized Germany.
And from this country other European countries expect understanding and empathy for the animals.
From this country (EU dynasty) we have been waiting for years the  8hours limit of animal transport, the control of animal welfare laws in the EU, the anesthesia for the castration of piglets, the ban on transport of pregnant cows, the abolition of wildlife in the circus, the abolition of hobby hunting. …

And we are still waiting.

But with good news, I can already complete my contribution.
More than 40 organizations and initiatives in the field of nature conservation and animal welfare are calling for Luxembourg’s role model to be followed and the cruel and pointless fox hunt to be stopped.

We hope and fight all together farther.

My best regards to all



NOTE – (for the full list and to view all the posts individually, go to the ‘Search’ bar at the top right and enter ‘Fox Week’ – this should then give you access to all of our past posts, including (WARNING) many graphic photographs.







Germany / Luxembourg: Excellent News – Luxembourg Extends Hunting Ban On Foxes – A Scenario For Europe To Follow ? – Scientific Evidence !

Dear Mark,
I am sending you good news concerning the further ban on fox hunting in Luxembourg.
I got this just today by mail, from the “Wild Animal Protection Society of Germany”.

Best regards to you and all



Luxembourg extends hunting ban on foxes

The Luxembourg Government Council has just renewed for another year the prohibition on fox hunting introduced in 2015. The protection of foxes is a successful model: the fox populations are stable; the predicted “stock explosion” by hunters in the run-up to the hunting ban has failed to materialize. A study now shows that the protection of the fox also reduces the risk for humans to contract the fox tapeworm.

“Action alliance Fox”, an initiative of more than 40 German animal and nature conservation organizations, to which “Wild animal Protection Germany” also belongs, calls on the Federal Government to follow the example of Luxembourg.

The Luxembourg Ministry of the Environment banned fox hunting in 2015 because there was no reason to kill several thousand foxes a year. Hunting associations had repeatedly warned against sprawling fox populations by the hunting ban. In addition, they repeatedly tried to exploit the fear of the fox tapeworm in order to overturn the regulations.


Hunting increases the risk of infection by the fox tapeworm

However, there are no signs of higher fox numbers to this day. In addition, a study published in France in November 2017 shows that hunting increases the risk of infection from fox tapeworm.

While the foxes’ infection rate increased from 40 percent to 55 to 75 percent as a result of heavy hunting, it remained constant in a hunting-free control area. Franck Boué, one of the authors of the highly regarded study, presents the results in a lecture on 29.1.2018 in Luxembourg City.


Fox stands need no “regulation” by humans

Again and again, both studies and practical experience in various fields show that foxes need no “regulation”. Hunting losses, for example, increase birth rates and increase immigration from neighboring areas, quickly compensating for losses.

On the other hand, experience from hunting-free areas shows that fewer fox pups are born there and that there is no mass propagation. “Birth control instead of mass misery,” commented the biologist Erik Zimen.


Ban on fox hunting: pointing the way for the whole of Europe

The ban on fox hunting in Luxembourg sets the trend for the whole of Europe: the right decision has been made against the massive pressure of an influential lobby on the basis of verifiable scientific facts. “It is high time that even political decision-makers in Germany stop bowing to the interests of the hunting lobby,” says Lovis Kauertz, co-founder of the “Action Alliance Fox”. “The example of Luxembourg shows that prohibiting fox hunting not only prevents the often painful deaths of thousands of foxes, but is also a model of success for citizens, animal and nature conservation.”



Past SAV posts relating to fox hunting in Germany – many graphic pictures show the reality of this barbarism:


Germany / France: Hunting News From Venus.

(The second incident was in France)


A hunter was attacked by a boar on a trail hunt near Greifswald and seriously injured”.

During a trail hunt in the Greifswald area, a 50-year-old man was attacked by a boar after a gunshot and was seriously injured.

After the attack he plunged with his head into the lake where he was hunting and stayed there a few minutes with his head in the water.

He later died in the hospital, the animal escaped “.



Villagers expel hunters and save deer.”

A hobby hunter got an important lesson in a small-town Oise (France) when his hunt ended on a garden plot.

Sweaty wet, with a bloody tongue and trembling joints, a stately deer stands in the middle of the garden. Surrounded by barking hounds, he fears for his life, trembling. The hunter responsible for this situation is some distance away.

Although the animal is in firing position, he does not shoot. The reason: About thirty people have stood between the panic animal and the hunter. The deer was on the run from the hunter’s aggressive dogs, who had previously shot the animal in the forest and wanted to finally settle it in the garden.

But he had the bill made without the host, because the thirty inhabitants did not want to release the animal.
Finally, the mayor of the village came and persuade the hunter to leave.

That’s what I call civil courage, we all have to learn that too.

Because the good news is rarely brought by chance, as in the first case, but they are mostly results of our commitment, our courage.
In any case, these two messages have brought much greater relaxation in my body today than the relax training should bring out.

Or better formulated: who needs relax after such beautiful news …

My best regards to all





Germany / Morocco. Animals At Peace / Morocco Meeting Update.


When I saw the animals in this video, and how peaceful and responsible they are to each other, I suddenly realized what psychopaths around us live, who call themselves “hunters”, and who are nothing but mentally ill murderers.






4/1/18- Update news from Amal;


Relating tour recent post regarding Morocco.


Dear All,

I wish you all the best for the New Year 2018, and hope that together we can achieve victories for Animals in Morocco and Africa.

On the 27 December, we had a very productive meeting with partners (RAF) and Onssa (Moroccan OIE).

You can find the update on attached documents below.

One is in French, the 2sd is translated via google translation in English. Please forgive me if some words are not correct.

A 1st list of Professional associations has been sent by the Regional Representative of the Onssa to the RAF. We hope to get some of the decision makers at the next meeting that will take place on February the 10th in Rabat.

If you have any advices. We are aware that the challenge is absolutely huge but we keep on going, with your support.

Best Regards,



Amal El Bekri

S/G Rapad Maroc (Morocco)

Member of the UN Major Group

Anaw & Paawa Representative

North Africa Region

Email          :


Mobile/Gsm : + 212 6 61 47 31 00

Site Web/Website:


View the documents here:









Austria: Tame Breeding Ducks ‘Trained’ To Be Shot and Killed By So Called ‘Hunters’.

Austria: Mensdorff-Pouilly * lets trained captive breeders shoot.
VGT has filed a criminal complaint

I translate directly from Martin Balluchs blog; the corresponding video is added:

“Incredible what the pictures in this video show!

The hunting assistants and hunting overseers of Mensdorff-Pouilly not only buy tame breeding ducks from Hungary and place them in their artificial duck pond, but they also train them with the whistle pipe.

Like a “rat catcher”, the hunting helper goes with the ducks in the back to an aviary for feeding. There, the ducks, which are to be the victims for the next hunt, are selected and locked in the aviary.

Then the hunters position themselves in front of the artificial duck pond and the ducks are driven out of the aviary and startled.

On the return to the pond the hunters shoot them from the air!

This approach is of course illegal and animal cruelty.

The authority knows it, but nobody has done anything – for decades!
Now VGT (the association against animal factories) has filed a complaint.
It is a primitive, infantile hunting fun that is driven by someone, behind whom the entire hunt stands. That specified the district hunter master “.


My comment:

At the moment, the activist Martin Balluch comes more often in the media of Austria as the Prime Minister. He acts against the hunt and he has made possible that the gate hunting in Austria will soon be abolished.

Best regards



*Baron Alfons Mensdorff-Pouilly is a noble landowner who, according to the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), is said to be a lobbyist for the British arms company BAE Systems.




UK? England: Government Gives Up On Hunting Free Vote – British Wildlife Is Safe !

Brilliant news – no free vote in the House, and so to all purposes,  the Hunting Act will now stand no chance of being repealed to return to hunting with hounds.  Talk in the pub about it tonight – everyone happy that British wildlife is safe from those in the pinks (Redcoats).

A new poll reported by The Independent today shows that 85 per cent of the public support maintaining the current ban on hunting with hounds.


Read the full article at:


For non UK visitors, The Independent is  a major and well respected daily newspaper.



Interesting article which lifts the lid a bit more on hunts:



Public opposition to fox hunting remains at an all-time high, new polling figures released today reveal.

Polling carried out by Ipsos MORI1 commissioned by the League Against Cruel Sports, found opposition to the legalisation of ‘blood sports’ – the hunting of foxes, hare and deerremains high across Great Britain, with 85% of the public in support of keeping the ban on fox hunting, including 81% of people living in rural areas.

The polling figures come at the end of a turbulent year for hunting, where the Government’s announcement to offer a free vote on repealing the Hunting Act triggered a public outcry, causing the issue to become one of the most talked about during the election, and the National Trust also coming under fire for continuing to allow trail hunting on its land.



Vinnie Wins !


Dave we have made them sit up and listen – you win-Victory !