India: Compassion In India – More Great Rescues From AAU.


Huge abscess drained to save mother dog’s life

We got a call that a dog was suffering from a huge bulge on her neck-and discovered that it was an enormous abscess-an infection beneath the skin near her throat filled with pus. She was skinny and haggard, suffering with weakness as her body attempted to fight the terrible infection, all the while tending to young puppies. We gathered her up and took her back to our hospital and her eyes watched us trustingly as we prepared to drain the pus. Within just hours of the procedure she was eating and on the road to recovery. Now spayed and vaccinated and busy raising her babies, meet Molly today..

Please donate for precious animals like Molly who need help today.



Slum-dwellers help rescue injured cow

Angels are living at the city garbage dump. These poor kids’ compassion welled up like a spring, rising out of the filth, the smoke of dangerous toxins, the smell and the buzzing of flies. They spend all day picking through garbage under a blistering sun, looking for bits of scrap metal and glass that might fetch a few rupees from a recycler. They live in squalor but their compassion and help were acts of pure beauty. Watch the rescue of Mabel, a little cow who had become injured and unable to stand in a sea of garbage. We are grateful to those children and to you, our donors, who that day had formed a partnership that Animal Aid could serve. And for Mabel who, on a scorching day, that might have otherwise been her last on earth, was transported to safety.

Compassion lies somewhere within each of us. Please donate within your means.



Drowning puppy sobbing and terrified, rescued

At the bottom of the well was not only water and garbage, but a little soul paddling for his life and losing part of his last remaining strength to cry for help. Every perch his feet touched sank under his weight, but from rags to plastic, he kept trying and trying to gain a foothold. We hurried to lower our Rescuer into the well and as the little sweetheart was pulled out of that terrifying ordeal, happiness took over.

Please donate for the little ones who need big help now.





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