Croatia: Dogs Dying Nationwide Due to Lack of National Policies

The above is a Croatian newspaper article –  it states that dogs  in Croatia have the right  to exist for 90 days in city pounds, but that dogs are in city pounds of Zagreb and all over Croatia, confined into small cages  for periods very much less then 90 days.  This is because they are dying from hunger, thirst and attacks from other animals (dogs) who are fighting them for the small amount of food available.
Vets will kill them after a 90 day period, if they have not died before due to illness and injury.
This is the reason why a Croatian ‘No Kill’ policy needs to be undertaken within Croatia.
If you cannot read the text, the pictures say more than enough.

New E mail address for President Tadic

Please note, the following address should be used for any correspondence to President Tadic relating to Stray Animal ‘No Kill’ programmes: