Appeal for Overseas Homes for Serbian Shelter Dogs – Please Pass On.

As you probably know, Jelena has been sending Serbian shelter dogs

to Austria to their new homes that Animal Care Austria is finding.

For one dog to be sent it costs 100 Euros for papers / blood test on rabies
and certificate and 50 Euros for transport.

We have found someone who wants to take dogs with a van, so every second
Wednesday we can send dogs if we had money to pay the necessary expenses.

Please give anything you possibly can to help us send dogs to loving homes in Austria.





This dog is named ’Zeljko’ and there is interest in him being rehomed already. Jelena needs 70 Euros for blood tests regarding rabies so that he can cross the border without problems and 25 Euros to take him to another town, from where a van will pick him up to take him to Austria. ACA in Austria are contributing the 50 Euros needed for transport.

Please can you give a donation and help raise the money for the essential blood tests.




This dog is named ’Bane’ and is going to Austria next Wednesday.


Yesterday Nina left :







Do you remember Sirkan was shown waiting for a new home on our site recently ?

** ‘SIRKAN’  UPDATE 29/12 ***

Some great news – Jelena has informed that ‘Sirkan’

has now been given a new home.

Here he is with his new owner;


Now Jelena has sent 15 dogs and 3 kittens so far to Austria; and with your help and support, we can find loving homes for many more.



Thank you



For Jelena’s shelter information, please access the following SAV links:

and then please GIVE A DONATION  !!


Information about donating can be found at the bottom of the following link: