Serbia: Good News from Jelena’s Shelter – and Help Needed (Donations) for an Injured Kitten

Jelena has sent an update on some of her animals, and 
also a new kitten who is in need of donations to cover medical 
Here is a photo of ‘Poli’ in her new home.
After whole life of 6 years spent in our shelter, she has finally 
found the loving home she deserves!
Thank you Mr Beil and Claudia from ACA!

Also, an appeal to find a home for ‘Miona’ was put out some 
weeks ago, and the picture of her desperately waiting behind 
the fence for a caring owner can be seen on the following link:
Well there has been a fantastic result, and here is a latest 
photo of ‘Miona’ in the arms of her new mum.

And finally, an appeal for your donations:
This little kitten was found injured next to the garbage bin. 

Both of her left legs were broken. 
Firstly, Jelena took her into the shelter, and then took her to 
the vet, for x rays. 
The vet stated that the operation to repair the little kittens 
legs would cost 13000 dinars which is around 150 Euros. 

If anyone would like to make a donation to help with the 
costs then it would be greatly appreciated.
Also, Jelena is looking for suggestions of a name for 
the kitten – she is a little girl. 
***UPDATE*** - Please see news and photographs below 
- 20th November.

Jelena is always looking for loving homes to take animals 
from the shelter and to give them a loving home.  
Please look at the links below and see who is ready to be adopted.  
Donations to Jelena’s shelter can be made by visiting the 
bottom of the following link:




For Jelena’s shelter information, please access the following SAV links:


 and then please GIVE A DONATION  !!


Information about donating can be found at the bottom of the following link:


Please put the word out to everyone that you know.

Thank You from Jelena and SAV. 

20th November – Jelena has just sent in the latest on the kitten – the vet discovered that her third leg and pelvis was also broken.  Now everything has been repaired and we have some pictures of the kitten after her surgery.  She looks poorly, but as she is very young she will get better very soon it is hoped.

When she is better, Jelena and SAV would love to see someone adopt the little kitten and give her any care she requires and a permanent loving home.  Could that be you, or do you know anyone who could do this ?

Here are the post surgery photographs:







Here worst troubles are over now and she is safe and under the excellent care of Jelena.

Donations  to help the vet fees and to cover her needs are very much welcomed – see above for donations.

Stay safe and warm little lady – what will be her name ? – see above.