Hi everyone

if there was a trophy to be handed out for those that do wonderful work but quietly and where it is needed the most I would give it to my two friends Guzide and Ayse. They work together in the areas of Istanbul where N & R is required the most but very rarely touched.

My vote for the two most caring ladies in Istanbul goes to Guzide and Ayse.

Thank you so much you do wonderful work, I should know because I have followed you for a few years now.

With love & much respect, Tina


From: Guzide ERDEN

Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2008 6:08 PM

Subject: 25-26 October 2006 + 9th Nov, CAT NEUTER&RELEASE, Istanbul Archeology Museum’s Garden





Istanbul Archeology Museum is in the center of old city, a favorite place for tourists. This peaceful place has a large garden with full of trees that has been a home for several large cat groups. The number of cats have been increasing significantly for two reasons : (i) No sterilization took place beforehand (ii) Cats are being dumped into the garden from other areas. The pictures give an idea from the place and cat groups.

Initially a two-day sterilization activity was realised. The third step was done 2 weeks after. The Museum team are very cooperative with us, they allocated a place for the equipment, operation and post-operation. A team of a vet, vet. assistant and a catcher worked together during n&r.



Total number of cats sterilized : 42 (17 male, 25 female). All of them are vaccinated against rabies, besides inner and outer anti-parasite treatments applied.

Only vaccinated : 8  ( 5 of them were young enough for an operation + 3 were already sterile).

Medical treatment : 1 (sent to the clinic)


We thank very much to the below organisations, without their support this activity could not have been realised :

Marchig Trust that covered the cost of the activity (vet, vet assistant, catcher, medicine)

Actiezwerfhonden that provided the cat trap.



FIRST DAY, 25th Oct.

The vet who is in green giving injection for anaesthesia.


This vet has been very experienced in n&r. He can make the operations through a very small cut with inner stitches, so that the recovery period is the shortest possible with the minimum risks. Please see below how small cut he makes the operations from.


The traps are very useful when catching (cat trap) and keeping the cats before/after op (dog traps). The traps were provided by Actiezwerfhonden (Holland).





There was heavy shower in the morning, but the team continued the activity.




A visit was made to the place 3 days after to check the area/cats. The non-sterile ones and the ones require medical treatment were noted for the 3rd step.

Ayse Doganci is in the picture.


A sign is required to separate the sterilised one from the others  (male ones can be identified but the females!). In every sterilisation activity we catch one or two that had been sterilized before but have no sign of the operation.

As seen, the small cut to one ear given during the operation enables easy separation.

No harm to cats.


The tourists and cats are very happy to be together.

During catching, we received so many questions and curious looks. It was pleasure to tell them that “this catching was for sterilisation and vaccination only !”. Those explanations together with the team’s careful and caring attitude gave them a good relief.




The third step was realised on the 9th Nov. It was good to see the sterilized ones around.





Upper respiratory infection (viral) are very common among the cats. We observed that the rate was not below than 60%. As the winter is close, we will not do the operations till spring.

In the mean time, a vitamin and anti-biotic treatment is planned. A day-long activity can work well.

There are still non-sterile ones that are very difficult to catch. Besides, there are many young ones around.

If those are done in next spring, then the cat populations will be kept under control.


Guzide Erden        Ayse Doganci



Canada: After the Seal Pups, Now The Government Approves Mass Whale Killing !

From: Taffy Lee Williams <tlwilliams@optonline.net>
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2008 23:16:56 -0500



The slaughter (by Nunavet) of what was thought to be 200 (which we now
know was underestimated) narwhales “trapped in the ice” was bad enough;
now the horror has turned into a blood bath of up to 500 narwhales!

This atrocity is putting the area’s population of narwhales at risk of

Please contact Minister Gail Shea and tell her to put a stop to the
slaughter of hundreds of narwhales. Tell her to call off the hunters and
send in the nearest icebreaker immediately.
  Also tell her that the annual
quota for whales 130 should be respected and any additional “takes”
applied to next year’s allotment for the Nunavet.  Tell her whale meat is
contaminated, and

the real reason the slaughter continues is for the
single ivory tusk, worth $1500 a piece.


This is not about subsistence tribal whaling, this is about wholesale
slaughter and wholesale marketing of ivory tusks.
  Here are the contact
numbers. Let’s flood the office of Gail Shea with letters immediately, to
save the lives of these whales.



Send your own letter or if you copy the letter below please add the
following statement:

I am in complete agreement with the message below; it expresses my own
thoughts and sentiments on this grave matter.

   City, State,

Mail to: Shea.G@parl.gc.ca
The Hon. Gail A. Shea
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

Telephone:  (613) 992-9223
Fax: (613) 992-1974

Letter to copy and send – Send your own letter or

if you copy the letter below please add the
following statement:

I am in complete agreement with the message below; it expresses my own
thoughts and sentiments on this grave matter.

   City, State,



The Hon. Gail A. Shea
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

Dear Minister Shea:

It is simply unfathomable that the DFO has been as exceedingly negligent
in protecting the narwhales of Pond Inlet as it has been.  Not only does
the condemnable lack of action by the DFO reveal the agency’s actual
utter disregard for the welfare of its natural resources, but supports
an illegal disregard for the rule of law established for the welfare of
marine species.

I speak for hundreds of animal welfare and wildlife specialists in my
area, and while we are far from the scene, I advise you that the concern
for these whales is exceedingly great.  We don’t need to remind you that
we are in a global crisis and the extinction of species is 100 times its
normal pace due to human activities.

If the native Nunavet could not accurately estimate the number of
entrapped whales (“200”), as it now seems there are more than double the
initial tallies (closer to 500), one can discount their statements that
the population is “healthy.”  In reality, a population could be called
“healthy” to justify a mass slaughter.

Narwhale tusks can fetch $1500 a piece on the market.  What do you think
is the real motivation force here?  The quota for hunting whales should
be adjusted over the next several years to account for the slaughter in
excess of their 130 number tally this year. This is the only proper
course to take in response to this outrageous killing spree.

It was reported that the nearest icebreaker was 50 km away from the
carnage.  In that case, the DFO should be condemned even further, as 50
km is an easy distance to travel, despite the conditions, to save an
entire population of cetaceans.

Now a major portion of the global population of narwhales, and certainly
this specific population and its genetic diversity, are poised for

-We can not urge you more strongly and with more urgency to call off any
hunting activities immediately and send the icebreaker to the scene.  In
addition, you must please advise the Nunavet to vacate the scene at
once. Otherwise the blood of this species falls on the regulatory body
that failed to act, allowed an essentially illegal mass slaughter to
occur, and brought about a collapse of the ecosystem that the narwhales
are an integral part of.

If the DFO is ridiculously concerned that “the noise of the icebreaker
will scare the narwhales,” what do you think the sound of gunshots next
to their faces, and the slaughter of their close kindred is doing to
them? That is a poor excuse for what is likely a lazy and apathetic
attitude, leading to the utter failure of the DFO’s objectives by the
DFO itself.

In addition, it is essential that the DFO create an proper marine mammal
stranding response team to immediately address future crises such as
this, for whatever measures are in place are pitifully, woefully


Taffy Williams

Taffy Lee Williams
New York Whale and Dolphin Action League
PO Box 273
Tuckahoe, NY 10707 USA

When we save whales, we save ourselves.

Taffy Lee Williams
New York Whale and Dolphin Action League
PO Box 273
Yonkers, NY 10707 USA
914-793-9186 / 407-404-2046 cell
Because when we save whales, we save ourselves.

Uk: A Message from Maria and Paul About Their SOS Galgos Gig


The following message about SOS Galgos has been sent to us by

Maria and Paul.  Please check out the links given at the end of this

 message to see the work of SOS and also Maria and Paul.  (SAV).


Dear all,http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=18DfbQ02Q3w

just a quick message to share the first few clips of our visit to SOS
Galgos. We had such a lovely time and it was truly an inspiration, I’m
sure new songs will come from the imagery and sights and sounds but
for now here is the moment we met sweet little galgo ‘Wonder’ and her
new family, the link to view is here –


We will hopefully have a slideshow of the whole event online soon &
there’s some pics on the SOS Galgos website.

Have a great weekend & keep on rockin!!!

Bye for now,

Love from Maria & Paul xx

Notes from the slide show –
On November 21st 2008 we flew to Barcelona in Spain to visit Anna and
Albert of SOS Galgos and play a benefit gig for them at City Hall, the
event was called ‘Concierto Benefico Live cantante de rock ‘Maria
Daines a favor a los galgos necesitados’ and it was fantastic! The
event started with an Egyptian fashion show where the models were all
dressed as Cleopatra, including an amazing Egyptian King! The models
walked down the red carpet each walking with a beautiful dog, most of
them galgos, it was so glamorous and unforgettable. 


Maria and Paul Perform




Egyptian Fashion Show

On the day after the event we went for a walk on the beach with many
of SOS Galgos rescue dogs and that’s where we met the precious galgo
named ‘Wonder’, she is blind but you would not believe it if you met
her, she is loveable, intelligent, happy, sweet natured, and now, the
best part of all, she has her own family because she has been adopted
and they love her very much. Of all the special memories we took home
with us from the trip, meeting Wonder and her family is something we
will always treasure and even thinking about it now I have a lump in
my throat.
My mum, Mary Coe, painted a picture of Wonder and donated it to SOS
Galgos and on the beach I was able to present the picture to Wonder’s
mum and dad, it was quite an emotional moment and as you can see,
Wonder is looking at the picture of her wonderful self!
Thank you to everyone who made us so welcome in Spain and thank you
to Anna Clements, Albert Sorde and volunteers of SOS Galgos who do
such a vital job saving and rehoming the galgos and greyhounds that
badly need help when they are cast out or neglected.
You are in our hearts always.
Best wishes, Maria & Paul xxxxxxx
To visit the brilliant SOS Galgos website, which has many photographs,

please click on the following link –


Visit Maria and Paul at: