Turkey: Disgusting Abuse of a Dog Thrown Alive Into Dustcart Compactor – Please Act Now !

Contact details to voice your disgust with regard the following:

vanbelediyesi@van-bld.gov.tr (Mayor of Van Burhan Yenigun)  

ozdemircakacak@van.gov.tr  (Governor of Van, Ozdemir Cakacak)

bimer@basbakanlik.gov.tr  (Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan)



These pictures are from the city of Van in eastern Turkey, and the tragedy going on there defies our ability to communicate in a consistent manner…. It is horrific, it is beyond words, and it is REAL. Happened today just a few hours ago…

The stray dog you see here was hit by a car 3 days ago. Its back legs were broken as a result. Nobody took it to a vet or anything – it was left to lie there in agony for 3 days. It couldn’t walk, it could only crawl after the incident. A few good citizens there in Van tried to help it, they cared for it, brought food and water so that it would survive. In the meantime, they called the authorities to come and help the poor dog. It was in excruciating pain, just begging for someone to put it out of that misery…

Three days later, the municipal authorities of Van finally showed up. Not, however, to rescue the dog. To the contrary, they came to kill the dog! In fact, the municipality did not even send a vet to the area. They sent a garbage truck and garbage collectors instead of medical assistance – the dog was nothing more than a piece of garbage to them anyway. And they did what they do best: rounded up the dog, tossed him into the garbage crusher alive and crushed him to death then and there. All the while, the dog screamed, screamed and screamed until that final blow killed it..

The municipality of Van just confirmed the incident – there is no way to deny it anyway, it has been photographed by Dogan News Agency from the beginning to the end and it took place in broad daylight in the middle of the city.

AND THIS DOG LATER ON SURVIVED…. A COUPLE OF HOURS LATER, HE WAS FOUND ALIVE AND TAKEN IN FOR SURGERY IMMEDIATELY. Miracles do happen, and it happened in this case. We hope that it will survive and make a full recovery.


No matter where you live, even if you live on the moon, condemn this horrific massacre. Express how disgusted you are with these images not just to the local authorities of Van, but to the Prime Minister of Turkey. Tell the Turkish authorities to STOP THIS BLOODY MASSACRE RIGHT NOW!

Animal Justice has been inundated with requests for further information regarding the status of the stray dog crushed in a garbage truck in the city of Van yesterday (http://www..facebook.com/album.php?aid=2009210&l=459c7&id=1271426292).

And here we have some new information for you. Unfortunately, this poor dog is half-paralyzed now, and its general condition is critical… Furthermore, there is no way to know for sure if the dog will make a full recovery or not. If it ever can, it will have to undergo a series of surgeries. However, the facilities required for these operations do not exist in the city of Van. So, this is the bad news.

The good news is that, a group of animal rights volunteers in the capital city Ankara have arranged for the dog to be operated and treated in Ankara. In a few days, the caretakers in Van will determine if the dog is stable enough to be flown to Ankara or not. When they determine that the dog is fit for travel, it will be sent to Ankara immediately, and its treatment will continue in Ankara.

We thank all members of Animal Justice for their concern for this poor animal. We will keep you updated on the developments.

Lieu : Van









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