Uk: A ‘Thank You’ From Greytexploitations and Video to Watch


A thank you from ‘Greyt Exploitations’

– video to watch, please see below





~ Thank You ~


March has been a dreadful month for greyhounds – you only have to read the catalogue of abuse, neglect, mutilation and murder reported last month to realise greyhounds need our voices more than ever.


As a very small thank you to all supporters who have taken the time to respond to appeals and email various  organisations, we would like to share with you a beautiful video – a small reminder to us all of what we are trying to achieve.


These are the graceful and passive creatures who we seek justice and speak compassionately for.


Sit back, relax and enjoy……….


Thanks to JacksHounds for this inspiring and heartwarming video and of course many thanks to all those who have contributed – no matter how small – to the campaign.




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