International: EU Written Declaration for Stray Animals Now Has a Few Weeks Left – WE NEED YOUR HELP IMMEDIATELY !






The Written Declaration for European Stray and Pet Animals



The *** FINISH DATE IS Thursday 7th MAY 2009. ***


This is a final call to everyone across Europe to please contact your own national MEPs and ask them to sign up to this declaration.  Most of the hard work has been done for you (see links below); the last leg is down to individual citizens in their own EU member states to rally support from their national MEP’s.


Also, please distribute this site link to as many animal welfare organisations as possible on your contacts list, asking them to get their members and supporters to e mail MEP’s.  Even international friends can help us in Europe by putting the word out to contacts in animal welfare organisations.  International pressure will help.


For full details of how to find your national MEP’s, including names and sample letters to copy and e mail, please view the following SAV links:

Written Declarations – Time Limit for Adoptionto-hutchinson


Declarations lapse after three months in the register if they have not been signed by at least half the MEPs.


There are 785 Members of the European Parliament, and in order to prevent this declaration from finishing on 7th May, we need to gain signatures from at least 50% of MEPs.  It is a very tall order but not impossible.


MEPs right across Europe need to be contacted.


For full details of how to find your national MEP’s, including names and sample letters to copy and e mail, please view the SAV links above.



Please act NOW for the stray animals of Europe.



Today, 17th April, Diana and I have finalised a paper which is going to be included as part of a submission to Mr. Alain Hutchinson MEP, co-author of the Written Declaration on Stray and Pet animals, during the following week by a team of campaigners from ‘SARS’.


A copy of the paper can be viewed by accessing the following link:




The SAV submission deals specifically with the stray situation in Serbia, currently a non-EU member state but one seeking membership over the next few years.  Other submissions which will be presented to Mr. Hunchinson will be associated with the situation for stray animals in other EU member and current non-member states.


We have been limited to the amount of space for our particular submission, but hope that you will find it is short but informative, the photographs of the situation for Serbian strays on the final pages say everything in our opinion.  We hope that this paper is a part justification for


1                    Serbia to seriously address its national stray population situation, and

2                    The European Union to implement Union-wide legislation in the very near future which will give member states no option but to implement better welfare legislation for stray animals.


The final words from Diana and I state the following:


With the EU elections this June (2009), we feel it is the responsibility of our elected members of the European Parliament to immediately pass and implement EU-wide legislation for the protection and welfare of all European stray and roaming animals. Europe cannot wait another ten years for action”.


Europe cannot keep dismissing this issue of stray animals.  Europe needs to act and act now.  We hope that the signatures given to this declaration will be a good indicator as to how much ‘animal welfare’ actually means to each and every MEP.  This is an ideal time as the views of each MEP in relation to this Declaration can be used by Euro citizens when deciding who to cast their vote(s) for at the EU Elections this June.



Thank You for your time and efforts for European Strays –

Mark and Diana – SAV.


Please, make these last few weeks productive weeks for the stray animals of Europe.













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