EU: Written Declaration for Strays – Please Try the Following and Target Your Specific, National and Regional MEPs for Support.



21/04 – ** Additional Info ONLY FOR UK Citizens:


If you would rather contact your MEP(s) at their Uk offices, instead of the European ones, you can find all Uk contact details via the following link.


Simply click on the Uk region (Constituency) you live in, using the colour coded map, and then you will be provided with a full index of all your regional MEPs, including their Uk contact details.




This is now the final campaign route we can come up with to get a result on the written declaration for strays.  We have until 7th May latest to get 396 or more signatures to support the written declaration for stray and pet animals.


At the moment, we have around 170 from MEPs right across Europe.


So we are in need of at least another 225 or more from across Europe.


It sounds a lot, but if we work together, then it is easily possible.


One of the problems I have personally experienced to date when trying to contact all my own national MEPs, is that IF YOU ARE NOT DIRECTLY FROM THE NATIONAL CONSTITUENCY REGION which the MEP represents; then the MEPs does quite often not really want to get involved with an ‘alien’ citizen from another part of the country.  That is understandable as the MEP should deal with their own regional constituents, not all national constituents.


This coming week at the EU, a lot will be happening to try and get a result with regard this Written Declaration.  On Wednesday 22nd there will be a demonstration and a press conference at Strasbourg.  Invitations have ALREADY been sent out to every MEP asking them to attend this.


On Thursday 23rd, campaigners have been given permission to visit offices of MEPs in Strasbourg and to talk to them directly about the stray and pet written declaration.  If they are lucky they will be allowed to say a few words about why the legislation is so important.  MEPs will be be given a dossier and material on the stray situation throughout Europe.


From information we have now obtained, due to massive amounts of e mails on many subjects and a large workload, many MEPs don’t even know about the existence of this declaration.  But, if they are made aware, then we may have a good chance of getting many of them to support it.


So, if from now we can keep it to regional campaigners contacting their own regional (ie. Constituency) MEPs ONLY in their own country and no other, then we have a much better chance of building up wider support across the EU and getting a result, especially as the EU elections take place in June and then the MEPs will be after YOUR VOTE for them. 


Maybe they can now do something for you in return – ie. sign the declaration !


The following link gives details of how to find your own national and regional (Constituency) MEPs:


First go to


Then click on the map of the country in which you are a citizen.


For some countries, such as France, Italy and the Uk, you will be presented with a list of constituency regions for your country within the EU.

For example:


France : Nord-Ouest has 12 MEPs in the constituency.


Italy : Nord-Occidentale has 23 MEPs in the constituency.


United Kingdom : South West has 7 MEPs in the constituency.



Click specifically on the constituency in which you live.


This will then give another list of all the MEPs who represent that constituency.


Click on each and every one of the names on this list and you will get a personal profile of that MEP.  At THE END (BOTTOM) THERE WILL BE TELEPHONE NUMBERS GIVEN TO CONTACT THAT MEP DIRECT IN BOTH BRUSSLES AND STRASBOURG.  Make sure you note the correct phone number for either Strasbourg or Brussels depending when you are going to telephone.


Important Note – for some member states, there is currently NOT a constituency system in existence.  When you click on your country, you will be given a full list of ALL THE MEPs who represent your member state.;  examples include:


Sweden – 19 Members of the European Parliament


Latvia – 9  Members of the European Parliament


Greece – 24 Members of the European Parliament



The Parliamentarians (MEPs) schedule is a follows for the next couple of weeks; they will be in:


Strasbourg on the 20th – 24th of April,

in Brussels on the 27th – 30th of April

and again in Strasbourg on the 4th – 7th of May.If you can, then please telephone the relevant constituency MEPs at the relevant location (Strasbourg or Brussels) and kindly, politely, ask them to give their support to the Written Declaration for pet and stray animals before the 5th of May.



With luck, this way we will obtain a lot of direct and widespread (international) contact with very many MEPs.  If many of them support our / your request and give their signature to the declaration, then there is every chance that we will be able to easily achieve the number of signatures required for this declaration to continue.


Good Luck and please give it a try – for the stray animals of Europe.

India: Cat (Delhi) and Dog (Mumbai) for Adoption




———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Shweta Khurana <>
Date: Mon, Apr 20, 2009 at 1:07 PM

Subject: Fw: beautiful cat for adoption
To: Rishi Dev


A golden and white cat found in Shanti Niketan.  Its very affectionate and needs a home.

Call Sreelata Chaudhuri at 98715 49755 or 4166 2537.



all doglovers please visit happy tails adoption website:

just click here:






This is Celine, I’m sending a few photos of my dog Charlie.






He’s a toy Pomeranian and is 7 years old..He has epilepsy but only when he is stressed or sick which is twice a year or so .he does not require medication, only at
time of seizures,.


He is not house broken, quite a free spirit, loves to run, but he’s loving, not aggressive  and does not bark a lot.

He’s not been neutered.




Please get back to me if you find someone interested .
Thank you,
Celine D’souza.
Mobile: 9969 46 70 70



International: EU Written Declaration for Stray Animals Now Has a Few Weeks Left – WE NEED YOUR HELP IMMEDIATELY !






The Written Declaration for European Stray and Pet Animals



The *** FINISH DATE IS Thursday 7th MAY 2009. ***


This is a final call to everyone across Europe to please contact your own national MEPs and ask them to sign up to this declaration.  Most of the hard work has been done for you (see links below); the last leg is down to individual citizens in their own EU member states to rally support from their national MEP’s.


Also, please distribute this site link to as many animal welfare organisations as possible on your contacts list, asking them to get their members and supporters to e mail MEP’s.  Even international friends can help us in Europe by putting the word out to contacts in animal welfare organisations.  International pressure will help.


For full details of how to find your national MEP’s, including names and sample letters to copy and e mail, please view the following SAV links:

Written Declarations – Time Limit for Adoptionto-hutchinson


Declarations lapse after three months in the register if they have not been signed by at least half the MEPs.


There are 785 Members of the European Parliament, and in order to prevent this declaration from finishing on 7th May, we need to gain signatures from at least 50% of MEPs.  It is a very tall order but not impossible.


MEPs right across Europe need to be contacted.


For full details of how to find your national MEP’s, including names and sample letters to copy and e mail, please view the SAV links above.



Please act NOW for the stray animals of Europe.



Today, 17th April, Diana and I have finalised a paper which is going to be included as part of a submission to Mr. Alain Hutchinson MEP, co-author of the Written Declaration on Stray and Pet animals, during the following week by a team of campaigners from ‘SARS’.


A copy of the paper can be viewed by accessing the following link:




The SAV submission deals specifically with the stray situation in Serbia, currently a non-EU member state but one seeking membership over the next few years.  Other submissions which will be presented to Mr. Hunchinson will be associated with the situation for stray animals in other EU member and current non-member states.


We have been limited to the amount of space for our particular submission, but hope that you will find it is short but informative, the photographs of the situation for Serbian strays on the final pages say everything in our opinion.  We hope that this paper is a part justification for


1                    Serbia to seriously address its national stray population situation, and

2                    The European Union to implement Union-wide legislation in the very near future which will give member states no option but to implement better welfare legislation for stray animals.


The final words from Diana and I state the following:


With the EU elections this June (2009), we feel it is the responsibility of our elected members of the European Parliament to immediately pass and implement EU-wide legislation for the protection and welfare of all European stray and roaming animals. Europe cannot wait another ten years for action”.


Europe cannot keep dismissing this issue of stray animals.  Europe needs to act and act now.  We hope that the signatures given to this declaration will be a good indicator as to how much ‘animal welfare’ actually means to each and every MEP.  This is an ideal time as the views of each MEP in relation to this Declaration can be used by Euro citizens when deciding who to cast their vote(s) for at the EU Elections this June.



Thank You for your time and efforts for European Strays –

Mark and Diana – SAV.


Please, make these last few weeks productive weeks for the stray animals of Europe.













India: Kittens and Pups Looking for New Homes – Can You Help ?



———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Shweta Khurana <

From: “alalasundaram sudha” <>


I have two male kittens with me in Chennai that need a home.




The kittens are 2 months old and healthy. I have attached a pic. I need to find a home urgently.


Can you help please? 







Hey people,

PLLLEASE help find a home for this dog in MUMBAI.

Its a one year old dog. Nobody is really sure of the breed.


of medium height. Supposed to be friendly. It’s blind in one eye.


The owners are moving to England and they are planning to put the dog to sleep if they dont find a home for it.


If anyone is interested in adopting this dog, please contact my friend Sushma who has the relevant information and she will help anyone interested.







———- Forwarded message ———-

Gorgeous,healthy ethnic indian pups need genuine dog loving homes





Those interested, please contact –

Kindly forward this mail to as many people as possible.

The more the number of people who read this mail,
the better the chances for these cute pups to find warm, loving homes.

Angel Eyes Animal Welfare Foundation
New Delhi




USA and International: Howl for the Wolves and Get the Law Changed – NOW !


HOWL FOR THE WOLVES – Especially Americans, but all nationalities can contribute by sending a message – read on.

On May 4, government agents will be free to open fire. Once the public hunts begin, more than 600 wolves could be killed. Not even newborn wolf pups and their nursing mothers will be protected from the crossfire.

We’re counting on you to help us build a national outcry to stop this wildlife massacre before it starts. Please add your voice to The Big Howl by sending an urgent message to Interior Secretary Salazar to call off the guns!

It only takes a few seconds — and could save the lives of hundreds of wolves in Idaho and Montana.



That’s why NRDC is launching The Big Howl campaign to mobilize Americans everywhere to protect wolves in the Northern Rockies from the crossfire.

Add your voice now to our campaign. Tell Interior Secretary Salazar to reverse his decision to kick wolves off the endangered species list.
This is absolutely the wrong time to rip away federal protections from these struggling wolves. Over the past year, the wolf population in Yellowstone National Park has declined by 27 percent, with more than 70 percent of wolf pups succumbing to disease.


One pack alone lost all 24 of its pups!


That’s why NRDC is launching The Big Howl campaign to mobilize Americans everywhere to protect wolves in the Northern Rockies from the crossfire.
Add your voice now to our campaign. Tell Interior Secretary Salazar to reverse his decision to kick wolves off the endangered species list.
This is absolutely the wrong time to rip away federal protections from these struggling wolves. Over the past year, the wolf population in Yellowstone National Park has declined by 27 percent, with more than 70 percent of wolf pups succumbing to disease.

One pack alone lost all 24 of its pups!

If the federal protections are lifted on May 4 as planned, newborn wolf pups and their nursing mothers traveling outside national parks will be in the line of fire.
That’s why NRDC and our partners are filing suit in federal court to block this disastrous policy. But we must do more: we must raise a nationwide outcry that the Obama Administration cannot ignore.
And so we’re calling on everyone who cares about wolves to take part in The Big Howl campaign.

Please call on the Interior Department to go back to the drawing board and submit this cruel plan to the kind of rigorous scientific review the Obama Administration has promised.

Because you have always stood up for wildlife, I’m contacting you first to take part in The Big Howl campaign.

After you send your own message, I will let you know about an easy way to spread the word to your friends and family. We need at least one million messages to save the wolves — so get ready to rally your friends and family to add their own voices to The Big Howl.




Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council



P.S. Hearing the wolf howl after you take action is a poignant reminder of why we must act swiftly to save these treasured icons of the American West — before their federal protections are lifted on May 4. So please speak out today, and then tell everyone you know to take part in The Big Howl.







Uk (England): Former Greyhound Trainer Jailed for 10 Years



Trainer Jailed for Drug Offences

~ NEWS ~ 




A former ‘professional’ greyhound trainer attached to Newcastle stadium, has been jailed for 10 years for supplying cocaine and amphetamine – the second trainer in just over 6 months to be imprisoned for drug offences.


An article in the local press covering the court proceedings, reported Brian Stirling as a ‘respected greyhound racer’ – this is wholly inaccurate and far from the truth.


Brian Stirling was in fact subject to a National Stewards Inquiry on July 12th 2007 where he was found guilty of doping a greyhound – Hillfire Utah – with methylprednisolone. Although not an illegal substance, methylprednisolone is used to mask injuries and the consequences of racing a greyhound whilst the injury is masked can prove fatal for that dog.


Astonishingly, under the Rules of Racing, doping your greyhound is NOT considered a welfare issue for that animal but merely an issue of integrity whereby illegal gambling practices could be in force. As a result of the inquiry, Brian Stirling was warned off all licensed race tracks and fined £1,000. A punishment which was deemed too severe for the five trainers found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to greyhounds during 2008.


Another ‘professional’ trainer Graham Calvert, who last year attempted to sue William Hill for failing to prevent him from gambling, was also subject to two separate National Stewards Inquiries in 2006 for doping his greyhound – Tweedale Scott – with methylprednisolone. A more lenient punishment of a severe reprimand and £700 fine was served on Calvert. 


As with Stirling, Calvert’s criminal activities led him to court and in 2008 he was jailed for firearms and drugs offences, including possession of cocaine.


Greyhound racing provides an ideal environment for the criminal elements of society to profit from the misuse of drugs.


Please click here to read the related articles.


Lebanon: Great News – ‘Animals Lebanon’ Finds New Homes for Apes in Uk Sanctuary



Having been with us for nearly two months, Chewy, Stany and Moyale were finally flown on Friday, 3 April to the Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary in the UK. 

Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary Web Site –  and

After suffering in the zoo for years with inadequate food and care, in tiny cages under the winter rains and scorching summer sun, Animals Lebanon is finally giving these monkeys the second chance at life they so deserve.
MEA generously agreed to fly specially designed crates to transport the monkeys from London to Beirut, and to send the crated monkeys safely from Beirut to London.
“Middle East Airlines is a friendly airline to the environment in which it operates and takes special safe care in transporting live animals.  This special care emanates from its belief to preserve the ecological balance in nature and to help in preserving rare species in the animal kingdom,” said Mohammed El-Hout, the CEO of MEA.
Chewy is a small female Mona monkey who quickly became a favorite.  As she was so small and sick when we took her from the zoo we decided it was best to keep her indoors where we could watch her closely.  While we don’t believe people should have monkeys or any other wild animals in their homes, this was only a very temporary arrangement until everything could be arranged with the sanctuary.  A special cage was built just for her and she stayed in the house of one of the founders of AL.  She quickly came around and showed her personality, and each week she surprised us by making new sounds and calls and developed a love for roasted chestnuts.
Stany and Moyale are two adult male Hamadryas baboons.  Mona monkeys like Chewy are normally found in the rain forests of West Africa, while Hamadryas baboons are found in the Horn of Africa and parts of the Middle East.  These baboons used to be revered in the Middle East, often referred to as Sacred baboons, and were depicted in ancient Egyptian art.  Sadly, they are now regularly found being abused in substandard zoos and attractions or being sold in pet shops.
Animal Encounter, a Lebanese nonprofit working to advance the understanding of local wildlife, cared for Stany and Moyale since we rescued them from the zoo.
Animals Lebanon also welcomed Pamela Anderson, one of the world’s best known animal rights representatives, on March 13th.  Pamela was happy to meet with Lana El-Khalil, the President of Animals Lebanon, and she strongly conveyed her backing of our efforts and offered a generous donation.
All primates are endangered, and there are laws which should prevent them from being smuggled and sold.  Even though Animals Lebanon is a registered charity and the monkeys were being sent to a sanctuary which follows strict regulations, there is a huge amount of paperwork to be able to move the monkeys legally.
“These primates are highly endangered and protected under CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, which should have prevented them from being smuggled to Lebanon in the first place.  They were forced, illegally, out of their natural habitat, smuggled to Lebanon through the black market, and then displayed at this dysfunctional zoo,” said Lana El-Khalil.  “Lebanon is one of the few countries which has not become part of CITES.  It is time Lebanon takes the ethical and legal stand to ban such abusive and outdates practices.”

Click here to view a slide show of pictures.

Animals Lebanon –

Congratulation Animals Lebanon ! – SAV