India (Delhi and Mumbai): Dog and Cats Requiring New Homes





Google needs home urgently!

Owners gone abroad.

We need a kind family that can take her from shlterlife in Delhi. She surely deserves better.

  • born on Gandhiji’s birthday 2nd October 2008

(7 months old currently)

  • will grow to be a medium sized dog
  • LOVES stuffed toys/stuffies
  • short, tan coat with white socks
  • easy temperament, very good with children (grew up in a house that had a three year old girl and a year old baby girl)

Currently waiting to be let into somebody’s life at Dr. R.T. Sharma’s Pet Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)  shelter. C-9/7, Masoodpur Market, Vasant Kunj, South Delhi, India 110070. # +91 11 26895737,



Regards – Simran.











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From: Madhu Goyal <>
Date: Thu, Apr 9, 2009 at 6:18 PM
Subject: Fw: 3 gorgeous breed mix pups for adoption
To: Madhu Goyal <>


Please also help me find homes for four adorable little kittens, three ginger, one black and white that are currently living in a shack behind my building. The shack is due to be pulled down any day and the little things will then be at great risk from the neighbourhood dogs. I can’t bring them up to my flat as my dog is a rabid cat-hater…a dog-hater too for that matter! Please, please help!










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From: sunish kunju <Date: Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 7:25 PM
Subject: Fwd: cats need a home


Hi Sunish i just spoke to you over the phone re two cats female they are well groomed, potty trained eat dry food. they are pure domestic cats of ferel breed, we are leaving for london and need to give the cats for adoption ASAP pls see the pic attached. let me know via email or call me on 9819612783 ask for Rabya

Sunish Subramanian
Plant & Animals Welfare Society – Mumbai
2, Shiv Shakti, Patkar Compound, Gamdevi Road,
Bhandup (West), Mumbai – 400 078. India.
Tel.: 91 – 22 – 2596 8313 / 8314 Helpline : 0 – 9833480388
E-Mail :  
“Remember Together We Can We Will Make A Difference”





India (Delhi area): Male Puppy Saved From Death Now Ready For Adoption – Can You Help ?


Ready for adoption in the Delhi area – SAV.


On 4/8/09, trisha ghose <> wrote:




My name is Trisha. I have a male mixed breed puppy that I’m trying to find a home for and I was hoping you could help.


I picked up the puppy from Friendicoes because he fell really sick and was on the verge of dying. But I already have a dog and he’s pretty aggressive so I can’t keep the puppy on a permanent basis.




I haven’t given him a name because I wanted the people who adopt him to name him what they want to. The puppy was admitted to Friendicoes because he broke his front left paw in an accident.


He’s a very friendly dog. He has a slight guard dog instinct but would never bite anyone or any dog. He’s very affectionate and loves being around people.






I’ve been training him he’s learnt most of the basics such as sit, shake, stay, and walking without a leash. He actually prefers walking without a leash.

I’ve attached some pictures of him.


Please contact me if anyone is interested in adopting him.

My number is 9811990051.


Thank you so much for your help.




Pakistan: Punjab Government Order Destruction of Veterinary Hospital


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From: Khalid Mahmood Qurashi <>
Date: Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 4:14 PM
Subject: Veterinary Hospital Demolished
veterinary Hospital Demolished……
Pakistan-  Multan.


In the order of Punjab government only Veterinary Hospital in Multan was demolished for the purpose of shaping plaza .
Animal Save Movement Pakistan protested this brutal cruel act of punjab government. ASMP demanded that Punjab Gov’t rebuilt the Veterinary Hospital. ASMP  appeal  Friends of Animals that they also protest against this act of cruelty and  send mails to the Gove’t of Pakistan .Animals are creation of God and they require our attention.  Many animals near us spend their lives without the basic necessities of life such as good food, healthcare facilities and shelter.  Pets and animals enrich our lives in many ways and in return they require attention, welfare and protection from us. 


The first rule of the animal protection and welfare  is to pay attention towards them.


Khalid Mahmood Qurashi
President, ASMP

We do not currently have any contact details for the Punjab Government, but we are sure they can be found via a little web browsing.  – SAV










India: One Dog in Delhi and 5 Pups in Bombay Looking for Adoption and New Homes



Julie is a 10 month old female, spayed girl for adoption in DELHI.

She is fully trained and is looking for a special home. She is well tempered, friendly and perfect for a home with children.

Being an indian indegenious breed she has a special birth mark on her forehead which is rare to find.

Please contact me for adoption at 9868881566.





hi friends,

these kids will cluster around your legs, the moment u call them, and play with ur shoes, pants, whatever they can get their teeth on!

they are 8 weeks old, and very playful. their mom is a pomrenian and stray mixed, so these kids have more fur than our local dogs, but are not pure breeds. she is also not a very big dog, and i assume the pups also wont become very big in size.

there were 7 pups, out of which i have managed to get homes for 2 of them. the other 5 are waiting for their homes where they will be welcome as a family member!

attached below are the pictures of the pups, with a link of the blog of adopted strays below. please feel free to forward to whoever u think may b interested in adoption.

anyone interested in having a friend for life, and ready to take the responsibility of a kid in their house, please respond to-















efforts may fail, but do not fail to make efforts!

“Monitor alone uses more than half of computer’s total power. I choose to switch off the monitor everytime I take a break.”


Please Spread the News ! – Thanks, SAV

What Did One Short Sighted Dog Say to the Hard of Hearing Dog ?



Australia: Send an Urgent Message to Federal Agriculture Minister Burke and Ask Him to Ensure That the Killing of Conscious Sheep is Made Illegal in Australia


It’s hard to imagine that the government would even consider making it legal to cut the throats of fully conscious animals in Australia—but they are.

With Middle Eastern importers completely accepting that animals will be stunned unconscious before being killed, there is no need whatsoever for our government to permit this barbaric practice.

Dear friends,

In mid-2007 Animals Australia was shocked to learn that several Victorian abattoirs were exploiting a legal loophole and slaughtering fully conscious sheep (without stunning) for small export contracts to the Middle East—despite this brutal method of slaughter being completely opposed by the Australian public. We immediately alerted former federal Agriculture Minister McGauran, and he in turn called for a review of the practice.

After an excessive delay of more than 18 months, a report will be presented to the Primary Industries Ministerial Council (PIMC) meeting on April 23rd…

Slitting the throats of fully conscious animals is unimaginably cruel. Research conducted by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) reveals that sheep remain conscious for up to 20 seconds after their throats are cut. The EFSA concluded that “due to the serious animal welfare issues associated with slaughter without stunning, all animals which are slaughtered should be adequately stunned in a humane way.”

If it is deemed legal by our government to slaughter fully conscious sheep, Australia’s claim to being a ‘world leader’ in animal welfare will be irreparably damaged, replaced instead by knowledge that Australia is prepared to drastically reduce animal welfare standards for the sake of profit. Such a decision will also undermine vital efforts overseas to have pre-slaughter stunning accepted as halal by the entire Muslim community.

Please send an urgent message to Federal Agriculture Minister Burke and ask him to ensure that the killing of conscious sheep is made illegal in Australia.

Take Action click here to send an instant campaign letter!

Spread the Word

Support the Campaign



Uk: A ‘Thank You’ From Greytexploitations and Video to Watch


A thank you from ‘Greyt Exploitations’

– video to watch, please see below





~ Thank You ~


March has been a dreadful month for greyhounds – you only have to read the catalogue of abuse, neglect, mutilation and murder reported last month to realise greyhounds need our voices more than ever.


As a very small thank you to all supporters who have taken the time to respond to appeals and email various  organisations, we would like to share with you a beautiful video – a small reminder to us all of what we are trying to achieve.


These are the graceful and passive creatures who we seek justice and speak compassionately for.


Sit back, relax and enjoy……….


Thanks to JacksHounds for this inspiring and heartwarming video and of course many thanks to all those who have contributed – no matter how small – to the campaign.