India: URGENT APPEAL For Monitoring Help in Shimla City






Dear Friends,

*** This is Urgent ***  *** This is Urgent ***   

We need a contact in Simla, Himachal pradesh, India who lives there and can give us an account of what is happening to the dogs there.

A court order, recently passed by the High Court there has asked the corporation to get rid of the dogs of the Shimla city in Three weeks. The court has asked the corporation to be compassionate and ONLY RELOCATE dogs and no other method is to be adopted. BUt we all know what corporations do. 

So we need an authentic source from Shimla who can appraise us of the REAL situation in Shimla. The necessary steps would have to be taken immediately.

That person’s identity will be kept undisclosed and his/her role would only be limited to providing us with authentic data.

So please make contact with your group and do let us know what the Shimla Corporation is doing to the Dogs in reality. 

contact at :             09810011235  Anjali Sharma                09868881566  Rishi Dev

** please consider this urgent **



rishi dev

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