Bulgaria: Dog Has ALL FOUR Legs Cut Off With An Axe






We have been provided with the most terrible suffering inflicted on a beautiful female dog in Bulgaria.

The following is a direct copy of the information sent.



A Monster with an axe cut off all 4 legs of an innocent female dog.

The bitter truth is that this poor creature lived chained as a guarding dog as many others here in BG.

In the first place MIMA ( that is her name) was beaten nearly to death and the Monster cut off her hind leg – her owner did nothing.

After a week  the Monster cut off the second hind leg – Her owner did nothing  again?!?!!

Then a week later the Monster cut off her front two legs ?????

Can you believe that the owner did nothing to hide somewhere the dog or help her after she lost her first leg????

And after she got her 2 legs cut off  she continued to live chained and suffered all the horror to loose her 4 legs like this

So no matter how people in my country sympathize to the owner, this stupid individual , I think that it is HIS FAULT as he did nothing to prevent this happen !!! He had personal arguments with a neighbor, he knew who did that to Mima the first time….

I don’t know what to say this dog was injured,beaten with 2 legs cut off and they  tried to  find help or make this public AFTER she lost her 2 other legs !?!?!

I am so sorry about Mima and I wish I didn’t read this article in the news and  I didn’t watch in on TV. All TV programs broadcasted that , all newspapers published the story  – They even are almost sure who did it….But just from time to time we will make that public. I can’t comment , I see no point.
Mima is not the only victim and the horror is that will not be the last, I’ve seen so terrible cases here and that makes me go on and help as much as I can no matter how crazy I look to other humans.

A lot of Welfare organizations are involved in the case , I think that Herr Dimitrov and his Organization in Germany will be the one to take her, it is
only a guess after I read everything. But I wonder if it is humanely for a dog to “live” like this and at the same time I look her in the eyes and I
see so much love !!!!

And I remember the message of Nick Vujicic ‘NEVER,EVER GIVE UP”

Facebook group

Animal rescue Sofia -supported by ARS Netherlands

TV media
Petition in Dryanovo- video


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