Justice for ‘Nikki’ – Petition Target Reached and Passed Thanks to You. ‘A Kind of Magic’ ?

Last SAV post –


Well the great news is, just 24 hours after putting out the appeal to reach the goal of 1,000 signatures, we are now well over 1,030 signatures and still climbing.

Danijela and I would like to very much thank all of you who supported and promoted this petition to get justice for little Nikki.  We really do appreciate it !

We have had signatures from people dotted all over the globe; it really has been a very international response by people who care about animals so much.

Now that the original target of 1,000 signatures has been reached and passed thanks to your help and support, Danijela will be closing the petition within the next 12 hours in order that she can now move forward with the next stage of her campaign.

To get the petition completed was a vital part of this campaign, and you have all worked so hard to help us reach the target and go beyond it.

So again, thank you very much.  We really appreciate your support with this.

It is hoped that we can keep eveyone informed on the future progress of this case via update bulletins on SAV.

Danijela and Mark (SAV).

Has everyone who signed performed ‘A kind of Magic’ to reach the target, Danijela asks me.

Well yes, I guess so, a brilliant final push to react the target.

Very special thanks to Paola at Animal Connection in Milan for her help with this also:

Newsletter – http://animalconnection.ning.com/group/theacmonthlynewsletter 

Invite to join – http://animalconnection.ning.com/main/invitation/new?xg_source=tab 

I consider that this is another ‘kind of magic’ –


Incredible Hand Art – ENJOY !!

Thanks for the music Freddie ! – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freddie_Mercury 


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