Uk (England): 21/04/10 Update – We Are Back !

UPDATE – 21/04/10 – 1900hrs GMT.

Hi everyone;

Big apologies for not providing any updates to SAV over the last week or so.

This has been caused by major computer system problems, which have targeted our home / host computer system; maybe with the intention of closing us down or causing long lasting problems.  We have been informed to ‘look East’ in an attempt to identify where these ‘problems’ may have originated.

Well, close us down it did, for approximately one full week; but here we are back again today (21/04/10) with the intention of getting back to our regular updates as soon as possible.

As the whole computer system crashed, only now are we attempting to start a review of the 600+ global animal welfare issue e mails which we have been sent through our normal channels during the last six days.  With a very small group of individuals working to keep SAV going, things will take a while to digest, filter and structure in order to update the SAV site.  We are very small, but we are dedicated to being a voice for animals; and that is once again how we are going to continue.

Please stick with us, we have managed to get the whole system running again late today (21/04) and there are lots of global animal welfare issues which we hope to publish / update onto the SAV site in the coming week(s).

Thank you for your patience and for visiting, even though you have found nothing new on the site for several days.  It is hoped that as from 22/04 this will start to change and things can once again move forward.

SAV posts may be ‘short and sweet’ in some cases, as getting out lots of info and links about issues will take priority over site presentation.  Attempts will be made to keep things looking presentable, but the next few weeks of catching up with the backlog of data and info will be a challenge.  We are based in the Uk, and in early May there is a General Election here also.  So we are also working to show the promises made by one Uk political party (the Conservative Party) to overturn the current ban on hunting which we have witnessed here for several years now.  We are also working as always with the terrible issue of live animal (long distance) transport in the EU; a subject very, very close to hearts.

The new ‘Save Me’  anti hunting campaign organisation which has been established by the brilliant ‘Queen’ guitarist Brian May is now up and running, with posters which can be downloaded if you visit the site.  It is a great site and well worth a visit – please sign up to obtain regular updates also –

See Brian interviewed about hunting campaigning at 

So a busy time in the coming weeks, but at least the computer now works again and we are hopefully back in business.

Regards and thanks for your support; sorry for not being around in the recent past.

Mark – SAV – Kent, England.

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