Serbia: After ‘Mima’ in Bulgaria, Now We Have ‘Mila’ – Another Dog Which has Had ALL Its Legs Chopped Off

SAV Comment:

After the recent story of ‘Mima’, the dog in Bulgaria who had all of her legs sliced off by an axe perverted maniac, we now have news of a copy-cat situation in Belgrade, Serbia.

A few of our past ‘Mima’ Links:

This poor little (Belgrade) dog who survived the ordeal has been called ‘Mila’.  The pictures below will show the severity of her injuries.

We understand that the Mayor of Belgrade has stated that the city is going to cover all the financial costs for Mila’s treatment.  This has not been welcomed by many citizens of Belgrade, who obviously have a real problem about stray animals, but do nothing to attempt to resolve the situation, such as supporting any sterilization, vaccination and identification programmes as continuously proposed by welfare NGOs.

Comments can be sent to the Mayor of Belgrade to support his backing of Mila’s treatment costs.  Positive comments of support can be left at:


Information from Slavica in Serbia:

15/04 – This is Mila , she lives in Belgrade. Her sad fate is the face of this city, special because criminals will not be prosecuted. For these primitive homo sapiens she is  “just a dog”-thing . To them, her life is nothing.  She was hungry and dirty, left out on the street after all her legs were cut off. Can it be any worse ?




15/04 – Update – Mila is doing better but has infection in her legs.
She is still so young, also a tough fighter and has a strong will to live, so let us hope and keep our fingers crossed until she makes it!


Serbian newspaper article with photo –!%20Psu%20odse

Care2 article –

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