Serbia: The Minister of Agriculture Dreams Up New Dangerous Dog Laws In Attempt to Kill As Many Animals (Illegally) As Possible

Latest news from Serbia.

The Minister of Agriculture now appears to have dreamed up a new regulation (underlaw) which is associated with ‘dangerous dogs’.

With this so called law, any dog which is labelled as ‘dangerous’ will be deemed unfit for socialisation.  There will be only one way that such a labelled animal can be treated, and that will be in the good old fashioned Serbian government routine of killing the animal.

This is an underlaw which has been produced by the Serbian government and authorities as yet another way to kill animals.  But this is an illegal underlaw which will be used to attempt to justify the deaths of many animals.

Once again, the Serbian authorities appear to be very good at implementing these mickey mouse laws when it helps them to kill animals, but they appear very unable to implement their own laws when it comes to protecting animals from the streets; including a public education programme about how important it is for pet owners to sterilise their animals.

Once again, the kill, kill, kill Serbian government and authorities are attempting to kill as many animals as they can, whilst taking care of no animals in their shelters.

This illegal action can and will be abused by the authorities – the animal killer authorities.

Now this information on illegal legislation must go to the Serbian Constitutional Court.

This is the next phase of our actions.