Romania: Stray Dogs Campaign Update 23/09/10 – Authorities Delay Decisions for Another 2 Weeks. Please Keep Up the Pressure Internationally.

Our post of 18th September refers:

Firstly, the meeting which was scheduled for Thursday 23rd September was actually moved to the earlier date of Wednesday 22nd.

Many of you who sent e mails on this campaign issue probably had the following message sent through to you:

raspuns engl[1]catei

Well the latest news that we have (23/09/10) is as follows:

There were only 12 persons present out of the 18 necessary for the committee to make a decision. So they postponed the decision for a further two weeks.
The representatives of animal welfare organisations put onto the table a few petitions signed by thousands of people abroad, as well as an explanation of their plans and costs.

The head of the committee, a woman named Sulfina Barbu, avoided to give her actual opinion, but she had to admit the sterilisation is extremely important.

Ideas from opponents were suggested such as impounding and killing the dogs if they are aggressive or form packs – which effectively still leaves the door open to mass killing, which happens at the moment because there is no control and proper reduction in numbers planning.

And of course, animals which are not spayed mean that they normally form packs !

So there was no result from the meeting on 22nd

Carmen made a very good presentation stating that Turkey and Italy have solved many of their street dog problems by spaying animals and not by killing them.

It is necessary to keep up the pressure on this issue and support our welfare friends in Romania.  So please, continue to send in your sample letters as per the information detailed in our campaign link above.

The authorities have had a wide international response about this issue and they know that they are being watched internationally.  Lets keep reminding them up until the next meeting in 2 weeks time that there is only one solution to this issue; and that is to sterilise animals and not to kill them.

Australia: Campaign Update 23/09/10 – Your Actions Help to Now Save the Wild Horses of the Kimberley.


Wild Horses of the Kimberley are Saved !!

Re our original campaign post of May 2010, for the Kimberley horses –

We have now had the excellent news as follows from our friends at Animals Australia.

Well done everyone who took part in the campaign; here, as with many campaigns, your voice has been heard !


Dear Mark,

On behalf of the wild horses of the Kimberleys please accept our sincerest thanks for being one of the 8,146 caring people who joined our recent online campaign to stop the cruel slaughter of these magnificent animals.   Your voice has been heard!

We are thrilled to report that following a massive public outcry, the West Australian Government has called off the planned aerial killing of wild horses at Lake Gregory in the Kimberleys.

If you have been following the updates on our website you may recall that in June we were first able to halt the initial plan to truck these horses all the way to a slaughterhouse in South Australia — only to be faced with the government’s second, and equally unacceptable plan for an aerial kill.

WA’s Indigenous Affairs Minister Kim Hames was inundated with protest letters and emails appealing for a non-lethal solution. He has now called off the helicopters which were set to start the killing in October. Instead, Minister Hames has now advised that an aerial survey will be conducted to provide an accurate count of the horses, then an expert committee will be convened to find non-lethal means to reduce the horse population on the station.

Animals Australia has applauded Minister Hames’ decision to spare the lives of the Lake Gregory wild horses, and of course we hope it heralds some new thinking about the way wild horses and other ‘feral’ animals are managed in the future.

What’s next for the wild horses of Lake Gregory?

Animals Australia will continue to closely monitor the situation at Lake Gregory. Watch our website for updates on the future plans for these horses. In the meantime, you may wish to thank Minister Hames for his compassionate decision:

Hon Dr Kim Hames, WA Minister for Indigenous Affairs
28th Floor, Governor Stirling Tower
197 St Georges Terrace, PERTH WA 6000


Thank you again for being a voice for animals.

Lyn White
Animals Australia Communication Director