Romania: Like So Many Authorities; the Romanians Ignore the Evidence and Continue to Try and Go for a ‘Kill Strays’ Policy. Issue to be Debated on 23/09 – Please Act by 21/09.


Please find below information which has been supplied by Carmen in Romania.

A debate regarding the legislation associated with stray dog control will be discussed on Thursday 23rd September.

How very disappointing to see that despite the evidence presented so many times throughout the world, some authorities still consider that mass killings of stray animals is the answer to their stray ‘problem’.  As Carmen correctly says below, thousands of animals have been killed in a futile authority attempt to control the situation.  After 10 years, the issue of stray animals is being discussed again.

Does this not tell the authorities that they have no idea about the correct way of addressing this issue, and that simply continually killing stray animals does not work; and IT WILL NEVER WORK in REDUCING STRAY ANIMAL NUMBERS !.

We need to make it clear to the Romanian authorities, and any other authority; that irresponsible PET animal ownership is very often the cause of large stray animal numbers.  Until authorities address the situation of responsible pet ownership, which would include animal sterilisation, the fitting of an identification microchip; to identify the owner, and vaccination of all animals, the ‘stray problem’, as they love to call it, will never go away.

Irresponsible pet owners who do not have their animals sterilised usually let these same animals out onto the streets.  They mate with real stray animals – the result being litters of new ‘strays’ born onto the streets.

Until the authorities accept that responsible pet ownership; AND THAT INCLUDES HAVING YOUR PET STERILISED, is undertaken by owners; in addition to keeping their animals off the streets; then there will NEVER be any reduction in stray animal numbers in any countries which have this situation – be it Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, anywhere there is this issue.

What do we have to do to get the unintelligent authorities to see this ?

People in charge for the welfare of the towns and cities; yet they cannot grasp a simple thing such as what continues to produce yet more strays !

Authoritaries are paid public money for what ? – to make very illogical, incorrect decisions it wouls appear; if this below is anything to go by !

The very sensible and only really effective for the future, as proposed by Carmen, is that under their project, there is an obligation on animal owners to sterilise and microchip identify all of their cats and dogs.

There is an alternative.  If owners do not want to sterilise their animals, then they will have to pay a financial amount to the authorities every year.  This money could be invested into further sterilisation and microchip programmes; thereby reducing costs further for pet owners.

As Carmen rightly declares, strays originate from irresponsibly owned pet animals, and so it is vital – the very first step in the process, that owned animals are sterilised in order to reduce animal numbers for the future.


The tax/year it’s about 4 times more than a sterilization costs.

So the people will prefer to sterilize.


 —– Original Message —–

From: Carmen Arsene

Sent: Friday, September 17, 2010 10:24 PM

Subject: URGENT! Debating the dog management on Thursday

Dear all,  

Very unexpected; the Committee for Public Administration within the Chamber of Deputies decided to debate the legislative project no. 912 for managing the stray dogs on Thursday (September 23).

Just to have a connection with the following, I mention the form adopted by Senate is (the main line) Sterilization & Return.

There are 4 sets of amendments (main ideas):

1 – mass killing, no control of NGOs – made by prefect of Bucharest (sustained by the president of Committee and other PDL party)

 2 – mass killing – made and sustained by Hungarian party

 3 – amendments that does not affect our project – made and sustained by a deputy from PSD party

 4 – our amendments – sustained by Mr. deputy Sorin Buta (PDL party)

In the final form that was prepared for debating our amendments are not. This means they want to take into consideration only the amendments of killing.

About this and about including our amendments; Mr. dep. Buta will discuss with the president of Committee (Mrs. Sulfina Barbu) on Monday (but this does not mean it will bring so much “plus”.

Therefore please, concentrate as much as you can by sending faxes (till maximum on Tuesday) to the Committee. Tell them on short:

the sterilization project will bring a lot of help from outside but a killing project will bring an immensity of protests and discussing in European Parliament the cruel and ineffective attitude of Romanian authorities etc.

the importance of sterilization; the euthanasia has been applied for 10 years did not have result, the same situation is now, after killing of tens of thousands of dogs




Dear Sir / Madam;


As someone who continually monitors the situation regarding national authority stray animal management policy across the world, I am very concerned to see that you are still proposing the mass killing of stray animals within Romania in a futile attempt to reduce numbers.


I will be very closely watching the debate on legislative project no. 912 for managing stray dogs being held on Thursday (September 23).


After witnessing the last 10 years of Romania killing thousands of stray animals; with a result of no reduction in their overall numbers, can I suggest to you that this supports the now global view of welfare organisations and many positive thinking authorities that killing stray animals never makes any difference on their population numbers.  But effective sterilisation DOES however.


Can I ask you to dismiss the proposals of certain parties who wish to continue with the mass killing of animals, and instead support the views of the PSD and PDL parties who look towards effective, humane and much more realistic approaches to stray animal population numbers.


 I fully support calls to the project proposed by Romanian animal welfare organisations, that there is an obligation on all animal owners to sterilise and microchip their cats and dogs.  As an alternative;  if owners do not want to sterilise their own pet animals, then they must have to pay a financial subsidy to the authorities every year as a form of compensation; because their un-sterilised animals, when allowed access to the streets, are continually contributing to the production of more strays.


It is a simple equation:


Unsterilised animal + Unsterilised animal = more stray animals.


sterilised animal + sterilised animal = NO more stray animals.


Stray animals directly originate from irresponsibly owned pet animals, nothing else.


So it is vital – the very first step in the process, and one which you should be supporting, is that owned animals are sterilised in order to reduce stray numbers for the future.


I will be watching the results of your actions with interest in this coming week.  Through various international animal welfare NGO’s, the result of your actions will be distributed globally.


In the name of Romania and positive animal welfare in accordance with EU legal standards; I urge you to leave mass stray animal killing and instead move towards a national owned pet sterilisation and public education programme.




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Committee for Public Administration Territorial Planning and Ecological Balance,,,,, ,,,ion.calin@cdep.roioncalin@yahoo.comionel.palar@cdep.romapostolache@cdep.roandras.edler@cdep.roedler.andras@yahoo.commarin.bobes@cdep.rovictor.boiangiu@cdep.roboiangiuvictor@yahoo.comdan.bordeianu@cdep.rocristian.buican@cdep.rosorin.buta@cdep.robogdan.cantaragiu@cdep.rogheorghe.ciocan@cdep.rodusa_mircea@cdep.rorelu.fenechiu@cdep.rovasile.gherasim@cdep.rozmb.gherasim@gmail.comzanfir.iorgus@cdep.roghervazen.longher@cdep.rocostica.macaleti@cdep.roantonella_barbu@yahoo.comantonella.marinescu@cdep.rodan.nica@cdep.roioan.oltean@cdep.rocornel.pieptea@cdep.roneculai.rato,

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You can fax to:

Committee for Public Administration Territorial Planning and Ecological Balance  

In attention to:           

President Mrs. Sulfina Barbu  

Vicepresident Mr. Calin Ion  

Vicepresident Ionel Palar  

Mrs and Mr. Deputies members  

Fax:  00 40 21 3146934

Parliament of Romania – Chamber of Deputies  

In attention to: President Mrs. Roberta Anastase  

Fax: 00 40 21 3134931

Thank you.


Carmen Arsene


Scientific Researcher


Institute for Nuclear Research Pitesti

str. Campului no.1

PO Box 78, 115400 Mioveni

jud. Arges, Romania

tel.: + 40 248 213400 ext 590