Serbia: Government and Authorities Abuse Human and Animal Rights by Attempting to Close Down Private Funded Shelter Which Will Result in All Animal Deaths – Please take ACTION NOW – Sample Letter Included.

Below you will see a call by Serbian activists to a local judge regarding the situation where a communal inspector has taken a charge against an animal welfare campaigner – Mrs Rada Zivanovic, because she has many stray animals at her home which she cares for.

The communal inspector has demanded that the animals be moved out of Mrs Rada Zivanovic’s home.



But where do they go to ? – in Loznica where Mrs Rada Zivanovic lives, there is only one completely and utterly disgusting dog ‘shelter’ (see photos in links below) and NO CAT shelter !

So, where do the cats go ? – other than outside to their deaths.

Loznica dog ‘shelter’ (?)  links:

If the communal inspector gets his way and the animals are removed from the home of Mrs Rada Zivanovic, then we can see no other way but that the animals will all be killed.

Campaigners now consider that a letter should be sent from global campaigners in support of Mrs Rada Zivanovic.  These letters should be sent to the Mayor of Loznica and to Mr Zoran Micovic – Director of  the Veterinary department.  Mrs Rada Zivanovic has now been advised that she should undertake actions to make her home and animal sanctuary a private cat and dog shelter.

This is what Mrs Rada Zivanovic has done, but she is very concerned.  She is concerned that any judge who is involved in this process will demand that something is ‘wrong’ at the animal shelter and will stop her shelter request.

Animals at the home of and being cared for by Mrs Rada Zivanovic are all sterilised and vaccinated; apart from any new arrivals.  Mrs Rada Zivanovic is having new animals thrown over the fence into her home or simply left at the front door.

And do the government and the authorities and the veterinary department ever want to do anything to help ?

– NO, they have one solution to every situation like this, and that is to kill, kill, kill.

Mrs Rada Zivanovic is described as an animal angel, NOT a criminal.  But the communal inspector is treating her like a criminal and is making attempts to kill all the animals in her care; for which she is never financially helped from a corrupt government and authority system which looks after itself but never any animals as it should – Kill, kill, kill – the Serbian government and authorities policy on animal ‘welfare’.

The government and the authorities do not respect Serbian citizens animal welfare work.  In addition, as we have so often shown, the government and authorities do not implement their own national legislation for animal welfare.  Serbia is a corrupt nation run by corrupt people.

The authorities attempt to undermine existing legislation by producing their own underlaws which show no respect for either animal or citizens human rights.

The authorities try anything they can to punish citizens.


Please send your letters to: ; ; ; ;

IN ADDITION, please click on the following link to select your own human rights international contacts.  Please copy and send the sample letter or your own modified letter to them.

EU citizens can send copies to their own MEPs using the following link to view MEP information and obtain contact links:

Copy also to the EU Enlargement Commissioner at


I am disgusted about news being given to me now that once again, the Serbian government and authorities are attempting to undermine both human and animal rights in Serbia.

I talk about the situation of Mrs Rada Zivanovic at Loznica; who using entirely her own money and facilities; with NOTHING in the form of help from yourselves, is providing a shelter at her own home for stray cats.

Mrs Rada Zivanovic ensures that all her cats are sterilised and vaccinated – a policy which the ignorant authorities such as yourselves seem unable to do.  Where does all the money allocated for this actually go ? – into your pockets ?

Mrs Rada Zivanovic has now applied to have her home and cat sanctuary made into a public animal shelter.  You will fully support this and you provide funding to Mrs Rada Zivanovic to enable her to provide animal welfare where you very much fail.

You will not undermine the human rights of Mrs Rada Zivanovic; and you will not undermine animal rights for animals in her care.  The hell  hole for dogs which you call ‘Loznica shelter’ is a complete and utter disgrace.  As authorities and persons in office who should be respected for what you do, you are not respected by citizens across the world because you fail to do anything positive for animal welfare.

You are the ones that need to change, not Mrs Rada Zivanovic.

I am informing all my international contacts about your actions to destroy Mrs Rada Zivanovic, and that includes international human rights organisations.

Do not target Mrs Rada Zivanovic; instead provide her and her animals with the finances and shelter approval she requires.

And above all, you please learn from it.  Mrs Rada Zivanovic is an example of a good citizen; not a criminal.  Treat her with respect; not the abuse which you appear so keen on, especially where animals are concerned.




Uk (England): Concerns Over Prince Harry and His Polo Horse

England’s Prince Harry has come under fire for his treatment of a horse during a recent polo game.

Photos have appeared in British newspapers of Prince Harry riding a horse that is bleeding from its side, right where the prince’s spurs contact the horse.

Polo players are supposed to take themselves out of the game if their horse is injured. There is also a rule against excessive use of a player’s spurs. Harry has been called out by animal advocacy groups and is under investigation from polo authorities.

It is unclear whether the wound on the horse came from excessive use of Harry’s spurs or whether it was the result of a collision with another horse.

The most serious punishment the prince could possibly face — if he were found guilty of excessive spur use — would be a $75,000 fine, chump change to a man worth forty million dollars.

Polo is a game that is intrinsically cruel to horses. The question is not whether Harry violated polo rules by being too hard on his horse, but whether there is any way to play polo that isn’t cruel to the horses.

From our treatment of animals, it’s obvious humans have trouble empathizing with animals. They do not understand the cruelty of confining an animal in a zoo, killing an animal for food, or training it to do tricks. Additionally, the wealthy have been shown in studies to be less compassionate, less kind than working class people. Harry is a product of a wealthy human lifestyle that many times views the world as commodities to exploit.

It’s unsurprising to know Harry has already been the subject of criticism for his treatment of his polo horses this year. One of Harry’s horses collapsed and died of a heart attack after one of his games.

Training animals for sports is no different than training them in circuses. Putting animals through physical and mental stress for human entertainment is inherently cruel for the animals.

According to experts, it is unlikely that Harry will face disciplinary action related to this particular incident. So the best we as animal advocates can hope for is that people who see the images of that bloody horse, stop to think about the impact polo has on horses. 

And hopefully they realize that although polo might be considered classier and wealthier, it’s no different than other forms of animal entertainment such as rodeos and circuses. Animals do not exist for our entertainment anymore than they exist for our consumption.