EU: New Laws Passed on Vivisection of Stray Cats and Dogs ?




SVP SIgnez cette petition et diffusez-la. Le UE a approuve la vivisection des chats et chiens errants, meme sans anesthesie…

SAV Comment

This is early, breaking news from around 9 or 10 /09.  At present, we are in contact with the EU Eurogroup to both ascertain the  exact facts, and also to express out disgust if the EU has failed its citizens to allow such animal abuse to happen.

This is just the start of what will be a massive campaign for the animals – if what first reports inform us but as we say, are currently unconfirmed.

In the very near future we aim to hear back from the Eurogroup with the facts of this case.  Further news and posts will be issued accordingly.

In the meantime and until we have further facts; please click on the link and support the current campaigns to oppose this.

Ukraine: Animal Protection Groups Demonstrate at Kyiv City State Administration for Reforms Regarding Stray Animal Treatment

The representatives of animal protection organizations, once again picketed the Kyiv city state administration required to stop the destruction of homeless animals in the capital.

The… protesters carried posters with slogans: “No – Euro 2012 on animal bones”, “Their blood is on your hands”, “Ukraine – the state program of cruelty.”

The protesters demanded an immediate start to perform a program regulating the numbers of homeless animals humanely, in particular, to immediately cease catching and destruction of homeless animals in the streets and enforce the city program registration and identification of pets.In addition, animal protectors require some funds from the city budget that is now being spent on killing animals, to extend preferential and free sterilization of pets of low-income seniors or people of Kiev, and reorient spending the city budget, which direct the destruction of animals, partial funding of existing shelters .

Experts say the problem animals not only in Kiev but also in Ukraine can only be resolved to establish a network of shelters and mass sterilization not only homeless, but also domestic dogs and cats.

“To date, all developed countries have enacted laws to protect the rights of animals, that is a testament to humanity, society,” – said during the campaign President, of Association of animal protection organizations in Ukraine Asya Sierpinska.

This animal protectors stressed that capture and destruction of ONE animal cost the city budget in 434 gryvnas (almost 62$) .

At the same time, they argue that these funds would be sufficient for sterilization of THREE animals, reports UNIAN .

Protesters handed over to City Hall a letter to the Deputy Chairman Alexander Popov KCSA with request to draw attention to the cruel destruction of homeless animals in the capital.

Thanks for your participation!

SAV Comment;

Serbia, the Balkans, Ukraine – why dont these ignorant authortities accept that their kill only policy does not work.  Taxpayers money continually wasted when it could so effectively be directed into an effective no kill sterilisation programme to reduce future stray animal numbers.

Congratulations to our Ukraine animal friends who like us, will continue to be a voice for stray animals until governments and authorities see real sense with a forward looking policy and approach to stray animal numbers management.

NO KILL, Sterilise, Vaccinate and Microchip.  Combined with good public education and adoption programmes – the only way forward.

Canada: Appeal from Earle to Help ‘Mullan’ – Just Saved From Death Within Time

Below is a message from Earle and the crew at CVFAF regarding Mullan who was only just saved from death after enduring total abuse, beatings and neglect.  Please check out the story and photos on the link given below.

Please help Mullan in any way you can.

Thanks – SAV.


Hi All:

    Yesterday, we rescued our first mule; her name is Mullan and although she is in very bad shape, she is a beauty…With your help we will get her back to her old self.


 Any donations will be gratefully appreciated.

Regards to all,

Earle, Coqui and the CVFAF gang.