Spain: 2 Actions to Take for the ‘Fire Bulls’ – see links below.

Just over a week ago, in the town of Medinaceli in the Castilla y León region of Spain, a bull had flaming torches attached to his horns as part of El Toro Jubilo festival, a “fire bull” fiesta.

Late in the evening, the bull was roped to a post in the town square. He was held down whilst flammable materials were attached to his horns and lit.

Then, with flames leaping above his head, the bull dashed about the square tossing his head again and again, turning in one direction then the next, trying to escape the flames above his head. As the fire burned loud firecrackers exploded above the square.

It is simply not acceptable to torment an animal in this way. Please help us put an end to this terrible spectacle.

Animal suffering is never acceptable as a form of entertainment. Join us, and compassionate people from across Spain, in calling for an end to the torment of animals at these fiestas.

Please join us — sign our letter to Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, at the Ministry of Interior and Justice in Castilla y León, asking him to stop the use of animals at El Toro Jubilo and at other fiestas.

Thanks for all you do to help animals.


Andrew Rowan
President & CEO
Humane Society International

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Hola: hace unos días hemos solicitado tu ayuda en la nueva campaña para pedir que, si Córdoba es elegida como Capital Cultural Europea, que en los actos culturales no se incluyan espectáculos taurinos. Pero la participación aúnes escasa. Si aún no has participado, entra y firma en el siguiente link, es sólo un minuto. Gracias: Asanda


Hi: few days ago we requested your help in this new campaign to ask if Cordoba was chosen as European Cultural Capital, in cultural events not included bullfighting. But participation is still low. If you have not participated in and signed on the following link, just a minute. Thanks: Asanda


Salut: il ya quelques jours, nous avons demandé votre aide pour cette nouvelle campagne pour demander si Cordoba a été choisie comme capitale culturelle européenne, en événements culturels non compris la tauromachie. Mais la participation est encore faible. Si vous n’avez pas participé et signé sur le lien suivant, juste une minute. Merci: Asanda


Hallo paar Tagen haben wir die angeforderte Ihre Hilfe in dieser neuen Kampagne zu fragen, ob Cordoba war als Kulturhauptstadt Europas im kulturellen Veranstaltungen gewählt nicht inbegriffen Stierkampf. Die Teilnahme ist jedoch noch gering. Wenn Sie noch nicht teilgenommen und signiert auf den folgenden Link, nur eine Minute. Dank: Asanda





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