France: Urgent Action Required BY ALL to Help Beaten Dog in Paris



EXTREMELY URGENT- German Shepherd cross dog being beaten just outside of Paris (France)- please help asap.

Please see the very urgent appeal below including disturbing video footage of a person beating a dog just outside of Paris, France. 

Please note you will find this video called ‘Dog attacked next to Disneyland’ disturbing-

If anyone has any contacts in France that can help this poor, abused, terrified dog please contact Lauren Sanford who is trying to help this dog (please note there is an underscore in her email address below).

Lauren Sanford -PHONE: +33 7 86 12 99 68 EMAIL:

Please could all our supporters from all over the globe now write to the ‘Brigitte Bardot Foundation’ in Paris who campaign to protect animals and ask them to investigate this as a matter of urgency. This desperate dog needs to be rescued now and the evil perpetrator prosecuted and banned from keeping any animals. All the evidence that is needed is now on video. Please contact the Brigitte Bardot Foundation on their contact form below. Please include in your email to the Foundation Lauren Sanford’s contact details as above ie tel number and email address so they can contact her for more info and please also include the link above to this dreadful video

Contact the Brigitte Bardot Foundation here-

We hope and pray justice will prevail for this poor dog

Many thanks for your support

SWAP team UK

—– Original Message —–

From: Jayne Shenstone

To: South West Animal Protection

Sent: Saturday, December 04, 2010 9:44 AM

Subject:  Message to German Shepherd Dog Rescue

Do you have any contacts in France?



Begin forwarded message:


Date: 3 December 2010 23:42:27 GMT


To whom it may concern,

I am currently a resident of France, just outside of Paris. A co-worker of mine has recently witnessed a German Shepherd across from her apartment being beaten. She witnessed it one time and heard it on other several locations. The second time she witnessed it she was able to catch it on a video. She has posted the video on facebook and youtube under ‘Dog Attacked Next to Disneyland.’ –

There is no German Shepherd rescue in France, the animal control is slow-acting, and the police are taking no action. The video is very disturbing and it is obvious that it needs help. If there is any help or advice your organization can offer it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact as soon as possible by email or phone. I would be so appreciative it there there was also any connection your group has to make this more public on a news program to gain awareness.
Thank you,
Lauren Sanford
FROM: Lauren Sanford -PHONE: +33 7 86 12 99 68 EMAIL:

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