International: Please Sign the Petition Calling for 100% Ban on Shark Finning.

100% Ban on Shark Finning & Close all loopholes that allow it.

Petition Link:

Target: UK, China, USA, Japan, & other Governments. 

Sponsored by: James Howie. Animal Activist.

 First of all I want you to know that when this petition is full I will send copies to every government I can to get this banned so your signature and the signatures of your family and friends are all needed. Sharks are pulled from the water with a hook in their mouths, they are kicked and stood on then someone with no heart at all just looking for some fast cash takes a blade and cuts its fins off, the shark wriggles in great pain as this is done ( imagine having your arms & legs cut off) then is thrown into the ocean and left to drown. If sharks could scream the world would hear the pain and these cruel acts would stop. 

I am asking to get a 100% ban on shark finning and to close the loopholes that still allow it in some countries that say they have a ban but I need your help, so please sign and pass this along to others. 

I thank you, the sharks thank you, the eco-system thanks you. 

With respect, James Howie.

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