Big Animal Abusers South Korea: Video Footage of Live Pig Burials Now Obtained. WARNING ** – Graphic Footage, but the Reality of South Korea – Major Animal Abusers.

WARNING – the following video shows EXTREME animal cruelty and suffering.

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Here at SAV we have always had a simple policy of trying to tell the truth and showing the reality of animal cruelty issues.

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If graphic images need to be shown and published on SAV to send out the message of what is going on, then they will be.  There are no apologies from this camp for showing the reality of animal abuse around the world.  We do not want to have to show it, but all the time it goes on, we will endevour to provide an insight into it – simple as that.

In addition, if we can show images of positive and good result success stories then we will; bad must be balanced with good when it can be.  There is a mass of bad out there, but there is a lot of good done by unsung heroes throughout the world.  We will share in this when chances arise.

The following video link above and below shows the live burial of pigs in South Korea due the the Foot and Mouth (F&M) disease which has raged the country for weeks now.

This is the reality of what is going on at this very moment; with Korean authorities giving two fingers to all international regulations which should protect animals at times such as this.

The video is bad  – distressing and upsetting for many. 

If you wish to contact your own national South Korean embassies (possibly) after watching the video, then please do so using the following links:

Below is the link to the video footage of pigs being prepared to be buried alive.

This is very graphic footage – but it the reality of what is going on in such places as South Korea at this very moment.  South korea; a nation which gives not a damn about the enforcement of animal welfare / protection regulations.

** Video link; **

Please crosspost the video link as much as possible.

The South Koreans desrve to be deluged with mails, telephone calls and the rest regarding their animal abuse policies.  PLEASE DO IT !