India: ‘Sweety’ is Missing – We Need to Get Her Back

My dog ‘Sweety’ has gone missing !! 

These are her photos.
She was lost near Dadar that is Shivaji park….
She was lost 2 days ago. plz help me
Ashwin acharya






Serbia: Bank Information for Anyone Wishing to Donate to Shelter Recently Destroyed by Fire – and Owner Killed – Mrs. Etela Merk

If anyone wishes to donate money to help the dogs and cats which were at the shelter of Etela Merk who was killed in a fire recently, then please use the following attachments for full information.

Money can be officially paid into a bank account which has been set up for this purpose.

SAV past link to shelter fire:

There are 2 attachments:

1. attached document  link named ‘IMG’ directly below  the number of the bank account  for sending financial help in dinars (Serbian currency).


Broj Raduna:   205-0000000163074-37 
 2. See Below  = the number of  the bank account (IBAN) and everything which is necessary for making donations in Euros. 

Thank you – SAV.