Macedonia / Serbia: Macedonia ‘Walk for Life’ – Skopje 20/06/11. Also Petition To Stop Serbian Dog and Cat Killing – Please Sign; Lets Blow the 10,000 Target Away !

‘WALK FOR LIFE’ – Skopje, Macedonia; 20/06/11.

Big excitement on FB..    Everyone is chipping in and starting to get organized.

Makes me so happy to see this, they just needed a little push.

And Dejan nearly gave up.   Every town is preparing they own flyers.

Alexandra AnimalFreedom posted in VELIKA MIRNA SETNJA ZA DOBROBIT ZIVOTA

Alexandra AnimalFreedom

molim vas, ko jos nije potpisao nek potpise i delite ovo. peticija ide jos do krajem marta. verovatno moramo da je produzimo.
hajde ljudi, potpisite!!!!!

Petition Link:  please make sure you add your voice !


Please order the Government of the Republic of Serbia to act under the Constitution of the Republic of… (8636 signatures on petition)

India: A GLOBAL Appeal To Support the Establishment of a ‘Dream’ Animal Welfare / Veterinary Facility in India. Advice, Equipment and Veterinary Supplies; Anything At All To Help Suffering Animals Greatly Required. Please Contact Your Local and Regional Veterinary Contacts to Ask if They Can Help or Donate Supplies and Equipment to the Ranjit Dream Facility.

Below is a direct copy of an appeal sent to SAV from Ranjit who lives in India.

The bold, underline and Wikipedia data have been added by SAV and were not on the original.

Ranjit has a dream, and we would love to help him work towards that. 

This appeal on behalf of Ranjit is especially targeted at EU nations and North American animal advocates.

We ask that all our visitors to this site please contact their local, regional and national animal welfare / veterinary products manufacturers to ask if they have any unwanted equipment or veterinary supplies which they would be willing to donate to this fledgling facility which Ranjit wishes to establish.

Ranjits full contact details are provided at the end of this post.  The address which is provided is the address which can be used for the forwarding of any equipment, veterinary supplies or financial donations to help the dream become a reality.

If there are any veterimnary specialists or simply anyone who can provide Ranjit with free help and advice; maybe even their time in India, to help get this establishment up and running, then it would be very much appreciated.

This is a tall order, but Ranjit has a dream to help animals in need.

We must try to support and help him with support and equipment if at all possible.

Please do what you can to rally some support from suppliers and specialists in your area or country. 

Please contact Ranjit directly (not SAV) on the address and phone number given below; alternatively please e mail him at:

Below is a direct copy of the message sent to SAV by Ranjit:

Thank you – SAV.


Dear Mark,

Hi. I’m writing to you out of sheer desperation. I live in a small town called Allahabad  in India. We, as a family have been avid animal lovers and have always had dogs at home and who are treated as family. there’s no difference in treatment between them and people in our house.

In my country, unfortunately, poverty makes people do things they wouldn’t otherwise. add illiteracy and ignorance to it.. just multiplies the effect. and the fact that there is complete lack of facilities in this city. we can do so much and no more. and I want to change this here.

I have lost dogs due to this very reason – lack of proper diagnosis and treatment thereof. And the death of an old female donkey (which came knocking on our door from some place i have no idea about) due to severe internal complications, has made my resolve of opening a state of the art facility for these poor animals even stronger. I have a decent size family business which gives us more than enough to live life comfortably. And I have no intentions whatsoever to profit from treating animals and being able to save their lives.

I have no idea how to go about it, the cost, who to get in touch with (obviously not the govt. as theres only interference). I have to start with scratch. right from the donations to the land to the facilities.. i know its a mammoth task, but i will do it. im done seeing these creatures without a voice suffer for no fault of theirs.

I’d be grateful if you can help me in making my dream come true. In whatever way possible. Contacts in the US and UK, doctors, machines needed etc.. because theres nothing here.. nothing.. And those who actually care, end up frustrated due to limitations.

I see how beautifully these animals are taken care of in europe and america. the facilities you have.. we humans dont have them in India. At times i feel being born as an animal in this country is the biggest curse.

Sorry for taking so much of your time. I look forward to getting a positive reply from your end. i will do whatever you want me to as long as it helps the animals. Excellent care and treatment for them is all we want. it would bring the greatest joy to see them not die prematurely. to see them alive and well till their last days.

My company doesn’t have a web site, but you can get to know a little about it from the link given:

Link info as follows:

AH Wheeler & Co (P) Ltd, is the largest bookstore chain in India. The chain was founded by Emile Moreau, a French author, and TK Bannerjee, an Indian businessman in Allahabad. AH Wheeler borrowed its name from the then-successful London bookstore, Arthur Henry Wheeler’s. AH Wheeler opened its first outlet at Allahabad Railway Station in 1877. It later spread to have its book stalls in many small and big railway stations in India, especially in the north. AH Wheeler was the one that published Rudyard Kipling in 1888. In 1950, Bannerjee took over the company/ and since then he, along with his grandson Amit Bannerjee have been running the company. After 125 years of its completion, AH Wheeler had a chain of 378 bookstalls at 258 railway stations in the country.

Thanks and Kind Regards,

Ranjit Banerjee

Executive Vice President,

A.H. Wheeler and Co. (P) Ltd.

23, Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg,

Civil Lines, Allahabad – 211 001



Mobile: +91-9838500243


E-mail :

Dear Mark,
I Cannot thank you enough for putting up my appeal on your website. It’s because of people like you that makes me work harder to ensure my dream comes true.

The over whelming response that I have been getting from people over the last few days has been most gratifying.

For all those reading the post/ appeal put up by Mark, help me help them. they need it more than we do.
Thank You once again,
Warm Regards,
Ranjit Banerjee

Ranjit; it is a pleasure.

I really hope that people everywhere will work to try and ensure you live the dream !

best wishes,

Mark (SAV).







Rest In Peace Little ‘Tommy’

You know that everything possible was investigated and considered to help you survive.

Unfortunately, your illness was too severe.

Initially saved as stray, you found a loving home in the end – lots and lots of love, lots and lots of food, somewhere warm and dry to lay your head each night. 

You will be very much missed every single day, but you will always be remembered.

Tommy – Died 03/03/11.

You will be loved always, and remain a member of this family. I only wish you, and we all, had had more time with each other. But it was not to be. Only in recent weeks have you started to feel really at home, and now this home has become your grave.

Your illness was such that no treatment would have saved your life, but very likely only have prolonged your suffering. And it would not have been fair to force that upon you. You would not have understood and perhaps not agreed to any of it. So I had to decide for you, in what I thought was your best interest, but the guilt will always remain.

I just buried you, and it was hard letting go of this broken vessel that contained your spirit, because it was what I touched each day, the big eyes that looked up at me expectedly when I gave you your food were half-closed, the light gone from them. I hope you are still around somewhere, and we shall see you again in a happier place and time.