Serbia: International Appeal to Find New, Forever Home For Blind Dog ‘Okica’.

This is the New update about Okica from vet ambulace (veterinarska ambulanta)

and this is a new thread: 

******** TASHA is the one who is giving us the info: *************

this is her email address:

Tasha M. Sipka last update 29.03., Dr med vet Dragan Pudja:”Okica is great, eat, and of course walk around without help, slowly but surely!! It appears his cuddly barking! Wonderful! Greetings from us and Okica.” The vet Pudja with a big heart and his staff painted the most beautiful colors Okica’s world. 

PS: “okica” in Serbian means someone with a beautiful eyes… Now look at her eyes..

laila afsoon


Dear friends,

we need your help to find a home for this poor blind girl (she just lost her eyes)

Chrissy Phillips just suggested us to contact you if you can help us adopt/rescue this sweetheart who was injured and whom vet just removed eyes…

this is the thread with the picture and all the info about this poor baby: 

vet bills are paid only HOME is NEEDED for HER… ♥

Tasha M. Sipka March 28 at 12:34pm

Okica was lucky that the accident was taken under the protection of my friend Snezana, a professor at the Veterinary Faculty in Bgd, she asked her former student veterinarians Pudja to take care of, he was operated on, wept over her sad destiny and decided to keep with you the outpatient clinic in Backa Palanka and personal care of her until she will be OK. All went well, it feels good, is recovering, but to us is hard work, to find her a good home and someone who will love it though totally blind and take care of her, and collect money and takes up the wonderful vets for their sacrifice. Injuries he received Okica her intentionally inflicted, not due to hit by a car.

This is a clinic where she was operated: Veterinarska Ambulanta 

Yes, we need just home for this angel Okica, all cost about treatment we will pay, it’s not problem. Okica is good, responds when called. Good recovering.