South Korea Live Pig Burials – CNN Take Up the Story Today (3/3/11). And Still After All the Video Footage the Dimwit Agriculture Minister Denies Problems !!

Dear all,

Lesley asked me to share this information with you.

Today CNN broadcasted this news item about the pigs buried alive in South Korea.

We are very pleased to see that CNN is willing to tell the world about tis cruelty taking place.

The minister of Agriculture denies it all again. Incredible!

Kind regards,

Margreet Steendijk.

Inspector Eyes on Animals.

CNN Video link:


SAV comment:

Looks like the dimwit S. korean Ag minister should be buried in a deep pit; not the animals.

He obviously still lives on another planet to the rest of us.

The truth will continue to ‘out’ – we will ensure that.