Serbia: Palic Zoo Park.

Palić zoo park is located in the North of Serbia (Vojvodina).

It is a zoo which belongs to the city of Palić.

Address is: Krfska No. 4, 24413 Palić, Serbia.

The offical Web site can be viewed at:


Extract from ‘THE’  Official Document on the Law for Animal Welfare Serbia


Section 14.  Protection of Animal welfare in Zoo’s. sanctuaries or breeding facilities of wild animals

 Clause 71.

The proprietor of zoological park or a mini park, sanctuary or a nursery/ breeding facility for wild animals has obligation to provide:

 1)      Space and equipment for keeping and reproduction of animals in captivity which are adequate for needs of every particular animal breed

 2)      Adequate  space for animal isolation, quarantine

 3)      Protection of animals from the visitors and visitors from the animals

 4)      Provision of ongoing health care

 5)      Food and water in conjunction with needs for every particular animal breed/ species

 6)      Keeping official record of every individual animal, as well as a record of all sold or exchanged animals, or animals that are given to third parties as a gift

 7)      Program of keeping up the animal collection/assortment with all the species and plan of looking after any new members that have been born in captivity

 8)      Financial means that are necessary for continuous work of the zoo

 9)      Plan for animal safety and re-homing in a case of zoo’s closure of any other unforeseen eventualities like bad weather.

 Conditions about animal welfare that are listed in clause 1 of this document section 14  have to be fulfilled and this has to be formally approved and verified by minister.

 Conditions from clause 2 of this section is final, but can be contested in court of law.

 Minister, in collaboration and approvals of acting minister for the environmental protection will provide detailed conditions/guidelines for clause 1 of this section as well as all other elements necessary for operation of mini zoo facilities – parks.

 Clause 72.

 Person responsible for the protection of animal welfare in zoological park, sanctuary or breeding facility for wild animals must have completed studies on academic level with title – diploma – master in veterinary science (doctor for veterinary medicine ) or biological science (diploma zoologist /biologist – master)  or completed basic studies in the length of minimum of 5 years in the field of veterinary science or minimum of 4 years in the field of biological science.

 Persons that are in direct care of the animals must be trained in the welfare field.

 Minister, in collaboration and approvals of acting Minister for the environmental protection will provide program for training of persons that are going to provide animal welfare from clause 2 of this section.

 Clause 73.

 Movement of wild animals that are under the special regime of animal protection in conjunction with local and international regulations can be carried out only in-between zoological parks, sanctuaries and breeding facilities with approval by minister and acting minister for the environmental protection.


End of clauses 71/72 and 73.








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