Greece: Stray Pregnant Dog Set Alight – Sample Letter to send Demanding Authorities Find Those Responsible.


Please send message regarding extreme animal abuse:

August 11, 2011

by Stacey

Please send message requesting authorities investigate a dog being set on fire; you may use the Sample Letter but please modify and shorten.


From Foundation for Animal Aid on Crete

Venetia Soulakeli was taking care of a female dog in the back of the factory “Lixnia”, in Kokkinos Milos at the area of Acharnes in Athens, at Friday the 5th. Venetia, as always, went to feed the dog; the poor dog was ready to give birth to her puppies. The dog created her nest for the babies there in the rubbish under chipboard. A few hours later the dog was found burned alive, set on fire while giving birth to her pups. She must have felt horrendous pain from the delivery of the puppies and from the fire, too, because her bowel was out of her body. The pictures speak for themselves.

The so-called “human” who set fire to the rubbish must have seen the dog hidden beneath the chipboard giving birth to her puppies.

Please email the Press Officer of the Ministery of Citizens Protection Headqaurters in Athens to make sure that this is not going to be unpunished and hushed up. They have to do everthing to find the culprit.


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  1. Please find the parson responsible for dog Set on fire & pregnant

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