Serbia: Criminal Charge to Authorities Now Made (by Serbian Campaigners) Re Dog Having Head Cut Off. The Police and the Government MUST ACT – and Not Do Their Usual Ignorance.

Our post on this issue:

Serbian press article (Kurir):

According to current information, a 15 year old boy from Zajecar, Serbia
cut off his own dog’s head because he allegedly bit him; and there is
another source saying the boy tried to toss his dog off a bridge, so the dog
bit him and the boy put the dog down and cut his head off. He has allegedly been
reported and the authorities know who he is and where he lives.

Message from Slavica:

Dear friends;

We have brought a Charge against this criminal, to the police, to inspection and  have sent it to the Government as well as all the Serbian.  This was done the first day after the news broke.

It could be useful doing a petition together calling for justice for this poor dog, as well as for poor Archie (you remember  dog Archie with cutting off both left legs, and Mila (cutting  off all 4 legs). 

Archie – 2 legs cut off

And many others  for whom we know and don`t know, but it happens again and again, because the police never find the criminals; and that  makes a big frustration to us all.

It would be useful if petition be addressed to Mr. Ivica Dachic, minister of police – Serbia, and if petition text ask and request that the police find the criminals – thereby showing that they have some ability.

Because the police are not able to find some of these criminals and  do not prosecute or make them pay through the legal system, the judicial system of Serbia is also very much under question . Crimes are left unpunished !



We, people of this Planet  – whether or not we live in Serbia, we must send our strong request to the Serbian authorities, because these regular crimes toward animals stay unpunished,although Serbia has Laws for Animal welfare and Criminal Code, by which these crimes can and must be punished.

And also Serbia has a national Constitution in which it is written that all laws must be implemented.

United, we will be  the bigger Power, and by that way we also will defend our human rights. Whether or not we live in Serbia, our human rights are violated by these non implementation of national laws : we want to live in harmony and peace with our animal friends, but we all are continually surrounded with horrors:  the unpunished crimes toward our dear friends, which is not acceptable in  a  Civilized Human Society on this planet Earth.

By Article 7. of the Law for Animal welfare of Serbia – cruelty and  killing healthy dogs and cats, even named `euthanasia ` is forbidden.

By Article 82. and 85 each Law  – cruelty and killing must be punished by 5000 dinar to 50,000 dinar  for each person and 100,000 to 1 million dinars to shinter firms; AND

by Article 269. of Criminal Code of Serbia  : Paragraph 1; up to 1 year jail for crimes to any one animal and by paragraph of each Article ( 269.), up to 3 years jail if there is a crime committed towards more than 1 animal.

I will send this to Mrs Jelena Tinska, maybe  she  could write  the text of petition in all  lanquages – we will see what she will say.

Jelena Tinska  , please can You  help in this , as You always did. We all must write to the Minister of police and the Minister of Justice and also to President of Serbia – our human rights are also on the table- violated. It doesn`t metter if we live in Serbia or not, these criminals make our life a nightmare because our animal friends are being killed and all the criminals who do this are staying unpunished .




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  1. Makes my dick hardd and juicy just thinking about ripping off he’s nails and boiling him alive for killing his own dog👹

  2. omfg wheres the- wait a fifteen y/o did this bro thats sick

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