Uk (England): Enjoy the Video – Feeding All The Rescued Animals During A Typical Winters Day At Hillside Animal Sanctuary, England.


Hillside Animal Sanctuary – Frettenham, Norwich, England, Uk.

We thought you’d like to see this film of Hillside’s rescued animals being cared for during a recent snowy winter.

Click on this link below and enjoy the video:

We’d very much like to thank everyone who has supported these animals during the year, and hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow… 


Wendy and all at Hillside


Since founding Redwings Horse Sanctuary in 1984, Wendy Valentine’s name has been synonymous with care and concern for horses.
In 1995, Wendy formed Hillside Animal Sanctuary after witnessing the plight of the battery hen and has since helped and campaigned for animals in need, particularly those who are so routinely abused in the intensive factory farming industry.

Hillside is now home to over 1000 animals and is one of the UK’s most successful campaigning organisations for the animals’ cause.  We have always known that one of the main reasons animals are left to suffer in factory farms is because people have little or no idea about the immense cruelty involved in their food production. Although most of our rescued animals have been saved from the farming industry, Hillside is home to over 300 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules.

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