24/12/11: A Festive Smile For You From Bearland – AnimalsAsia Insight and Links.

A festive smile for you from Bearland

Dear Mark,

This is just a very short message to wish you all a wonderful festive season and to thank you more than I can say for all your support and encouragement over the past year.

Please visit my blog to see (and hear) a little festive tribute that our China and Vietnam teams put together for you — “Jingle Bears” won‘t be winning any awards, but I hope it gives you a smile.

From all of us at Animals Asia, have a lovely, warm and safe holiday season with your family and friends.

Bear hugs,


Dr Jill Robinson MBE
Founder and CEO
Animals Asia Foundation


 SAV Message:

We have included a few links to the excellent work being undertaken by Jill and the team in Asia.  Please watch the very moving Vietnam bear rescue undertaken during November (2011) by clicking on the video links (Parts 1-3) below.

And as it is Christmas, listen to ‘Jingle Bears’:

Click here to listen to ‘Jingle Bears’:


Vietnam bear rescue November 2011 – 3 part video.

Part 1 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2zb5aAZjTk&feature=relmfu

Part 2 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoDOsImq1A8&feature=relmfu

Part 3 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGZmyD6FvFc&feature=relmfu


Link to Jill’s blog:  http://www.animalsasia.org/index.php?UID=N0AK3D7MNQW8&d=23&m=12&y=11&tkn=m1087787&eid=926&sou=AL11AAFXMSDM&b=B02


Read more about Jill at:




AnimalsAsia website link:


End Bear Farming:  http://www.animalsasia.org/index.php?UID=2J0NIOGTVCWA

Cat and Dog Welfare: http://www.animalsasia.org/index.php?UID=7W6PU3NBTI5

Action Against Cruelty:  http://www.animalsasia.org/index.php?UID=A40L5SM6DC89


AnimalsAsia Worldwide Links:

Uk:  http://www.animalsasia.org/index.php?UID=F7OVXEAA2PK

USA / Canada:  http://www.animalsasia.org/index.php?UID=NPBLUQDED05

Australia and New Zealand:  http://www.animalsasia.org/index.php?UID=NR04A5KGSWL

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