Ukraine: The Current Situation For Ukraine Strays As Told to SAV During Discussion With ‘Naturewatch’ (Uk Animal Welfare Charity).

Thursday 22 March 2012.

Today, SAV has been in contact with Naturewatch, another Uk animal welfare organisation, dedicated to helping animals worldwide.

Mark at SAV was informed by Debbie at Naturewatch that at this current time, the situation relating to stray animal control schemes in the Ukraine has improved greatly.

The mobile crematorium; of which there was one in operation; not several, has now been completely scrapped and is no longer in use.

We are providing links to the following Naturewatch web information relating to the Ukraine; but we are also copying and repeating a few of the key points below as detailed on the Naturewatch website.

After SAV / Naturewatch conversation today, we are confident that the situation for stray dogs in the Ukraine has changed dramatically in the past few months.  Please check on the following links (and others via these same links) to obtain much more information on the work for strays in the Ukraine.

· Ukraine’s Prime Minister, Mr Mykola Azarov, has instructed humane stray animal control schemes to be implemented across Ukraine and for laws to be more rigorously enforced to prevent the mistreatment of animals. 

Link –

· November 2011
With just six months remaining before EURO 2012, Naturewatch has secured agreements with top Ukrainian government officials to immediately address issues of cruelty to stray animals.

Link –

· February 2012

Naturewatch has teamed with two of the largest animal welfare groups in the world in order to tackle Ukraine’s stray animal problem in a humane manner.

Link –,-rspca-and-hsi-team-up

· November 2011
On 10 November 2011, Naturewatch Director, Mr John Ruane, was offered the position of Personal Advisor on Animal Weflare to the First Deputy Mayor of Kyiv City Municipality.

Link –

· Naturewatch is sincerely grateful to Mr Platini for all he has done to address the issues of stray animal cruelty in Ukraine.
Following months of intense international lobbying, UEFA repeatedly contacted the Ukrainian authorities asking for appropriate measures to be implemented to humanely control stray animals. UEFA also made a donation to the Kyiv Society for the Protection of Animals ‘SOS’ to help finance its shelter activities.
Link –

Naturewatch website home link –

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