Bulgaria: 30/03/12 – Mass Killing of Stray Dogs to Start Immediately. EU Money for Stray Dogs Programm Is Going Elsewhere ! – Please Send E Mails Now.

SAV Comment – There are many great people in Bulgaria doing wonderful work for animals – including the feeding of strays.  Please remember that it is not the Bulgarian people who are at fault; it is the Bulgarian political system and its politicians, as it is with political systems in so many nations.  When the day comes that Bulgarian politicians implement legislation for the protection of animals, rather than ‘simply’ killing them; only then will Bulgaria be accepted by the world as a progressive nation.

As one German supporter states:

I am sorry I have to be blunt here, but I feel simply pleading for these innocent lives will get us nowhere, and will only be laughed at as sentimental (which I assure you it is not).


Money is the only language that is understood any more these days, and money it is you receive for dealing with these animals humanely.


Do it.


Or do not – and face the consequences.

Times are changing, and cruelty to animals is no longer tolerated.

You wanted to be a member of the EU – now make sure you conduct yourselves according to the rules of the game.




 *** URGENT ACTION REQUIRED ***.  30/03/2012.

Bulgaria, Please STOP Mass killing of stray dogs!
You are stealing our money from EU for stray dogs program in your country but you are KILLING THEM on your streets!!!

Our money is going into your pockets!!!

What a shame for you, Bulgarian government!

You are hurting your own people, their hearts ache for all these dogs which they use to feed on street!!!
You’re a shame for EU!!! Please STOP!
Don’t steal Our money for Your ILLEGAL Evil work!!!

Laila Afsoon
Composer and Vocalist

Please send your protest letters to Bulgarian government!!!

Bulgaria is stealing money from EU for stray dogs program and they are KILLING THEM! – the EU money is going into their pockets !!!


(this is the email of the mayor)

contact: prime minister Boyko Borissov


Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria
1594 Sofia, 1 Dondukov Blvd
central switchboard: (+359 2) 940 29 99
Government Information Service
tel. (+359 2) 940 27 70  fax. (+359 2) 980 20 56
e-mail: GIS@government.bg 

contact Sofia municipality     http://www.sofia.bg/en/display.asp?ime=contact


*** SAMPLE LETTER *** by Ruth Eisenbud – USA

Dear Government officials of Bulgaria,
Word of your intention to conduct a mass slaughter of dogs has spread throughout the world. If you go through with this massacre Bulgaria will be known as a nation that does not understand compassion. Many will be reluctant to visit such a nation, as they would think of the loving dogs in their families and choose instead to visit a nation which is more dog friendly.
One such nation is India…where it is illegal to kill a healthy or curable dog for any reason. In large part this is due to the compassion of the Indian religions of jainism and hinduism, which recognize that both animals and humans cherish their lives. ALL who live are entitled to respect and the right to live.
The ignorance of your decision is rooted in a religious tradition that grants man dominion over the animals and with it the right to slaughter them for human need and convenience. All three of these cruel religions are represented in Bulgaria:  St Nedelya Church, Banya Bashi Mosque and Sofia Synagogue  Therefore rather that finding a way to help the homeless dogs of Bulgaria, you have instead chosen to dispose of them according to the dictates of heartless religious doctrine.
Remember, many outside of bulgaria understand your cruel intentions. to kill homeless dogs. Do you want Bulgaria to be viewed as a modern compassionate nation or one that is backward and cruel. I hope you will have the wisdom to deflect the animosity you have created. Please allow the dedicated animal activists in your country to save the precious lies you so callously dismiss.

Your Name and Nationality


Contact all Bulgarian MEPs to express your disgust at what is happening within their nation.

– please copy your mail / letters to them.


** Visit our Bulgaria (EU member) wall of shame post at: **


 Access to Bulgarian MEPs by clicking on the following link:


It is time to let all other EU MEPs know about the abuses and the situation currently in Bulgaria – an EU member state.

Please use the following link to find your national MEPs just click on any country (EU member state) on the map shown, where you will then be provided with access to (the nation ‘clicked on’) national regions and / or directly to national MEPs.  Click on each persons (MEP) name and on the right hand side you will then be provided with their individual e mail contact address. 

Use this method to send e mail messages to your individual, national MEPs.


We are providing below the following listing for MEPs for each individual member state, but cannot guarantee that they are all currently up to date.
Country names are given under ‘F’.
‘A’ and ‘B’ provide MEP names; and ‘D’ is the individual contact address.
Note that ‘C’ is their website; NOT their individual e mail contact address.

Click here for access to the information.  Note that this can be used in conjunction with the link map method given above should you wish to contact specific MEPs.






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