Italy: Activists (The 86%) Rescue Beagles Destined for Vivisection From Breeding Facility


Italian Activists Rescue Beagles Destined for Vivisection from Breeding Facility

In broad daylight today, as reported in the Italian newspaper Giornale di Brescia, Italian activists conducted a bold and daring raid of Green Hill, one of Europe’s largest breeder of beagles for vivisection labs, and rescued at least thirty beagles destined for painful procedures inside laboratories and eventual death from either the fatal results of experiments or the slaughter afterwards when they are deemed no longer useful.

At least 1000 activists organized by Occupy Green Hill who came from all over northern Italy started their procession in Montichiari, a city about 60 miles east of Milan where Green Hill is located.

Many of them wore signs saying “We are the 86%,” referring to the percentage of Italians polled who were opposed to animal-based experimentation. On their approach close to Green Hill they were met by police and roadblocks. Groups of activists then cut through the fields and across other streets to the fences surrounding the facility.

There, about 300-400 demonstrators tried to open gates in the perimeter as teams of mobile riot police and police who were deployed tried to contain them. On the side of the gates, however, the protesters opened a breach in the fence and broke into the farm, with others simply scaling the fence, carefully avoiding the barbed-wire.

Once inside they scrambled into the sheds and rescued at least thirty dogs, many of them being handed over the fence to waiting hands on the other side.

At the end of the day, it was reported that police had arrested 13 people. Some protesters said they had suffered violence by some officials.

So why Green Hill?

Within Europe, Green Hill is now the largest breeder of dogs destined for laboratories. Green Hill houses 5 sheds which imprisons 2500 adult dogs, plus several litters. The sheds are closed, aseptic, without open spaces and without natural light or air. Rows and rows of cages with artificial lighting and ventilation system are the environment in which these dogs grow before being loaded onto a truck and shipped to laboratories where abuse and pain await them.

Among the clients of Green Hill are university laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and renowned trial centers as the notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences in England.

Who profits from Green Hill?

Several years ago Marshall Farms Inc., an American firm, acquired the company. Marshall is infamous throughout the world as the largest “producer” of dogs for the vivisection industry. The Marshall beagle is actually a standard variety.

For about €450-900 ($600-1200) you can buy dogs of any age. For those who are willing to pay more one can also obtain a pregnant mother.

Green Hill and Marshall also offer its customers on-demand surgical treatments, such as the cutting or removal of vocal cords so “researchers” cannot hear their cries of pain.

Marshall’s dogs are shipped by air all over the world, but with the purchase of Green Hill as the European headquarters and the construction of a huge farm in China, Marshall is pursuing a plan of expansion and market monopoly.

To Green Hill and Marshall Farm, animals are merely merchandise, commodities to just breed and sell without any thought to the pain and suffering — both mental and physical — that they will suffer. Through the work of these activists, a few lives were saved from the horrors of industry, and shows to those who profit from the lives of innocent beings that oppression will not be tolerated.


Green Hill Farm in Italy may not be the beautiful location it sounds — according to Diana Donadei it is a prison to 2500 beagle dogs. She says the beagles are kept in rows of cages with artificial lighting and poor ventilation, only to be released to vivisection labs where they’re experimented on while still alive.

Diana was horrified after hearing about the beagles’ plight so started a campaign on calling for the immediate closure of the facility.

Click here to join Diana’s campaign and send a clear message to the Italian government that they must take action to stop the breeding of beagles for vivisection.

Laura, an animal lover from London, is one of 30,000 people to have already joined the campaign and she will be delivering the petition on Wednesday to the Italian embassy on Diana’s behalf.

Will you help Laura and Diana to reach 50,000 signatures before Wednesday and increase the pressure on the Italian Government to close Green Hill Farm?

Diana and Laura know that the Italian Government care deeply about their reputation in other European countries and that they will close Green Hill Farm if there’s an international outcry, so they’re asking people across Europe to join their campaign and speak out to save the beagles.

Click here to help Diana and Laura save the beagles now.

Thanks for being part of this,

Saira and the team

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