Egypt (Again): Students of the ‘Faculty Of Veterinary Medicine Cairo University’ Threw Dogs Off the Third Floor After Experimenting on Them. Video Footage and Petition.

Students of the ‘Faculty Of Veterinary Medicine Cairo University’ threw dogs off the third floor after experimenting on them.

An investigation must be done immediately and students found responsible for this unconscionable and barbaric cruelty, must be dismissed from the veterinary program.

There is no place in the care of animals for anyone who could treat an innocent animal so cruelly and with such indifference to suffering.

Students of the ‘Faculty Of Veterinary Medicine Cairo University’ threw dogs off the third floor after experimenting on them.

According to a video taken by a student of the Cairo Vet Faculty and word of mouth by the same student, they do research on animals and the dogs, after experimenting on them, were thrown out of the window from the 3rd floor, tied and dragged.

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Thank you in advance for your time and attention to this matter.
Andrea McAdoo

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European Union (EU): Stray Dog Situation Debated in European Parliament. Hopefully; EU Wide Legislation to Come and Destroy the Stray Animal ‘Mafia’ Business That Currently Exists.

Datum:   30.04.2012
Betreff: Stray dog situation debated in European Parliament
Dear all,
On April 24, in the European Parliament, discussions were held on animal cruelty in some Member States focused on the situation of stray dogs.
The meeting also included a project containing a set of recommendations of the Committee on petitions to the Commission of Agriculture of the European Parliament recommending the inclusion in the European Union’s strategic plan for the protection and welfare of animals more points that were highlighted often in petitions and complaints: stray animals, farm animals (transport to slaughterhouses and killing without stunning), corrida, zoo, restrictions on experiments on primates, introduction of alternative methods that do not use animals in experiments. Rapporteur on the project was a Romanian MEP, Victor Bostinaru.
In the meeting was presented five PETITIONS related to animal protection, adopted to be debated by the Committee on Petitions.
One petition was of Kendra Pinder, UK, where it was talking about the brutal treatment of animals in Romania, about the killing of 230 dogs in Botosani and the case of wild horses from Letea as well as the illegal expenditure of public funds. Committee requested evidence of the statements so together with a colleague I prepared and submitted a comprehensive report accompanied by material evidence of the fact that budgets for management by some of the mayors are actually spent on private interests, and photo materials and video of the atrocities in shelters, circuses, animal exhibitions; I also sent a material developed for this purpose by Vier Pfoten on Letea case.

Another petition was to Rumi Becker, Arzte fur Tiere eV, Germany, collecting 157,000 signatures and seeking to establish a legal framework for protection of stray animals in the EU.
Both petitions were presented by Hans Richter, representative of Arzte fur Tiere eV who also presented the photo materials, which had a major impact on the audience.
With regards at photo material the Romanian MEP, Victor Bostinaru said that “it is hard to control your emotions when looking at these pictures, it’s carnage, you only can revolt. My country has been mentioned repeatedly here, but the European Commission says it can not act. Romania is a country that systematically fails to protect the animals?
All those present advertising need the involvement of European Commission in the implementation of the EU legislative framework for managing stray animals but the European Commission representative said that although they every day receive letters on mistreatment of stray animals and that although he is shocked by the images presented, “the problem is not of European Parliament but of the Member States “,” we don?t have a legal context in which we can act”.
The German MEP, Mr. Jahr, said that “it is fair the EU not only to say that there is a problem but also to deal with it. Not to say the Member States must deal with it because it is their problem. It does not work. Member States do not want the European Parliament to be involved. Can indeed each Member State do what it wants, I would ask the European Commission? The public no longer tolerate this cruel situation”.
Romanian MEP Elena Basescu (daughter of Romanian president, whose party, PDL, lead a campaign for killing dogs): “the images are really horrible but as terrible images were as with the child from Suceava killed by dogs. Don?t misunderstand me, I?m animal lover, but the dogs kill people. I guarantee that local authorities in Romania do everything to respect the existing legislation. My opinion is that this problem is a national competence and not in EU competence”.
Note that her speech, besides being perfidious or untrue, came out as the only contrary to all statements made; also she confirmed that the Romanian authorities do not want an EU involvement, in order to to continue this mega-bussiness
Representative of the two petitions, Hans Richter: “The EU is obliged to act when Member States do not act properly. Also noted that sterilization involves much lower costs than other methods, and sterilization is only effective as shown in this diagram “- reffering the diagram developed by Robert Smith, UK, at reducing canine population, sterilization comparing with euthanasia, incarceration.
President of the Committee, Mrs. Mazzoni, decided that petitions remain open which means they remain in Parliament attention.
I personally think these debates, extremely important also by the fact that we learned that the governments of Member States do not want EU involvement in managing dogs – illogical at first view considering that it involves the allocation of EU funds for management. The reason is very obvious that the Member States do not want involvement of EU, for this reason: because the governments don?t want to solve the problem that meant the closure of stray dogs businesses.
We however hope that over the interests of member authorities, staying open petitions, protests by the European Parliament (to be mentioned that are increasingly more and more) interventions of politician supporters and NGO interventions, to tilt the balance towards the introduction of an explicit management policies imposed in all Member States of EU.
All the best