Germany: New Video To FREE PAUL WATSON.

Global Support to Free Captain Paul Watson 
New Video Link:

In May, 2012, Captain Paul Watson, Founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, was arrested in Germany and may be sent to Costa Rica in a politically motivated extradition guised as a ‘navigational violation’.

This ‘violation’ occurred whilst Sea Shepherd Conservation Society was responding to a government-appointed call for help to stop illegal shark finning in the waters surrounding Cocos Islands, Costa Rica…

Paul is now under ‘house arrest’ in Germany, waiting to hear whether he will be extradited or set free.

Write, call and email the German Minister of Justice politely calling for the release of Captain Paul Watson, one of the most influential marine conservationists in history.
Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger
Federal Minister of Justice

Deutscher Bundestag
Platz der Republik
11011 Berlin

Telephone 030 – 227 751 62

Fax 030 – 227 764 02


Film by Nicole McLachlan

Secession Studios- Days


News – May 24, 2012
Captain Paul Watson Meets with the Foreign Minister of Costa Rica Enrique Castillo


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India: Indian State to Let Forest Guards Shoot Poachers on Sight.

Indian state to let forest guards shoot poachers on sight

Maharashtra government says killing poachers will no longer be considered a crime after eight tiger deaths in the state this year

Associated Press in New Delhi,  Wednesday 23 May 2012 12.14 BST

A tiger in India’s Corbett national park. Photograph: AP

A western Indian state has declared war on animal poaching, allowing forest guards to shoot hunters on sight to curb attacks on tigers, elephants and other wildlife.
The government in Maharashtra says injuring or killing suspected poachers will no longer be considered a crime.

Forest guards should not be “booked for human rights violations when they have taken action against poachers”, the Maharashtra forest minister, Patangrao Kadam, said on Tuesday. The state will also send more rangers and jeeps into forests, and will offer secret payments to informers who give tips about poachers and animal smugglers, he said.

India has about half of the world’s estimated 3,200 tigers in dozens of wildlife reserves set up since the 1970s. But illegal poaching remains a serious threat, with tiger parts sought in traditional Chinese medicine fetching high prices on the black market.

According to the Wildlife Protection Society of India, 14 tigers have been killed by poachers in India so far this year – one more than for all of 2011. The tiger is considered endangered, with its habitat range shrinking more than 50% in the last quarter-century and its numbers declining rapidly from the 5,000-7,000 estimated in the 1990s, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Eight of this year’s tiger poaching deaths in India occurred in Maharashtra, including one whose body was found last week chopped into pieces with its head and paws missing in Tadoba tiger reserve. Forest officials have also found traps in the reserve, where about 40 tigers live.

Tiger parts used in traditional Chinese medicine are prized on the black market, but dozens of other animals are also targeted by hunters across India. Rhinos are prized for their horns and male elephants for their tusks, while other big cats such as leopards are hunted or poisoned by villagers afraid of attacks on their homes or livestock.

Encounters are rare between guards and poachers, who generally hunt the secretive and nocturnal big cats at night, according to Maharashtra’s chief wildlife warden, SWH Naqvi.

“We hardly ever come face-to-face with poachers,” he said on Wednesday, predicting few instances when guards might fire at suspects.

Instead, he predicted that the state’s offer to pay informers from a new government fund worth about 5m rupees ($90,000) would be more effective in curbing wildlife crime. “We get very few tips, so this will really help,” Naqvi said.

Uk: Stop the UK Government from Legalising the use of Stray Pets in Lab Experiments!

The person responsible – David Cameron – Prime Minister and Huntsman. Picture – Telegraph.

Stop the UK Government from legalising the use of stray pets in lab experiments!
If it isn’t bad enough that many animals are already tortured in UK labs, now our stray animals in the UK are also going to be used! 
Please sign the petition below, worldwide signatures needed now please to stop this barbaric act-

“The Home Office proposes for the first time to allow stray pets to be caught and used for experiments, for “environmental” or scientific reasons. This was despite unanimous submissions by animal welfare groups supported by many research establishments that the change was both unnecessary and unwelcome. No proposals are made for ensuring that an attempt be made to rehome lost pets rather than subject them to laboratory testing”.- 
Read the alarming article here from the ‘BUAV’-


Article is as follows:  By Michelle Thew.

Chief Executive of BUAV, The Campaign to End Animal Experiments –

The Home Office last week released a statement on its plans to bring in a new EU law on animal experiments. The plans, such as maintaining larger minimum cage sizes than strictly necessary, have been heralded by some as good news. The overall picture is very different.

The Home Office proposes for the first time to allow stray pets to be caught and used for experiments, for “environmental” or scientific reasons. This was despite unanimous submissions by animal welfare groups supported by many research establishments that the change was both unnecessary and unwelcome. No proposals are made for ensuring that an attempt be made to rehome lost pets rather than subject them to laboratory testing.

Furthermore, by refusing to ban particular experiments, the government is content that grim procedures which would be more at home in a chamber of horrors than a civilised country may continue to be allowed.

For example, the new EU law specifically contemplates that animals in laboratories can be given electric shocks they cannot escape from, to induce “learned helplessness”. Highly social animals such as dogs and primates can be locked in “complete isolation for prolonged periods”. Organ transplantation where organ rejection is “likely to lead to severe distress or impairment of the general condition of the animals” is allowed, as are all manner of poisoning tests and surgery leading to severe pain or distress and “forced swim or exercise tests with exhaustion …”. The consultation heard not only from animal protection groups but also researchers that there should be a list of experiments that would never be sanctioned, but the Government has refused to rule anything out. Thousands of animal experiments for trivial purposes will continue.

To top it all off, a review of secrecy in animal research begun in 2004 has been further extended, leaving animal experiments hidden from public scrutiny, despite the government’s admission that current law is insufficient in terms of EU transparency.

As taxpayers, we have a right to know what goes on, in our names, behind the closed doors of our laboratories – with due regard being paid, naturally, to personal and confidential information. As things stand, we risk lagging behind other European countries in maintaining our obsessive secrecy. Most respondents – including the animal research industry – favoured amending or repealing the clause that allows researchers to hide information about animal experiments from Freedom of Information requests. The government claims to have been reviewing this clause for the last eight years but still refuses to come to a decision. What does it have to hide?

The European public has made it overwhelmingly clear, in a YouGov poll in 2009, that it wants to see far greater openness and bans on all experiments causing severe suffering and any suffering for primates, dogs and cats. Even those respondents who will tolerate some animal testing want experiments which are not for serious medical conditions banned. Once again, the Government is intent on disregarding public opinion. But at this late hour it is not too late for the Government to bring the animal research industry into line with public opinion. If you think it is wrong to electrocute and poison animals, which could now include lost pets, please write to your MP.


What YOU can do to be a voice for these stray animals destined to be tortured in UK experimental labs-
1- Please write to your MP to protest, asking them to do everything within their power to stop this, please see link here to find your MP-

Alternatively the link below also gives all politicians in the UK but if you use this site to write to your MP etc. – it spams out copied and pasted text and standard pre written letters, so best to just use the site just to find the name of your MP if you don’t know it and then google search their contact details and then write  to them direct!

2-Write to your MEP to protest (Member of European Parliament) please see link here to find your MEP-;jsessionid=62CD12DB77A30A8FDAB8C3CD62E808E5
3- write to UK Prime Minister David Cameron here to voice your disgust and tell him to stop these barbaric proposals-
or you can use the No.10 Downing Street online form to make your complaint-

PLEASE NOTE-once into the link above to contact number 10 please choose the subject ‘contact the Prime Minister’s office’. 
4- Write to the letters to the editor page of your local paper to expose this to the general public to gain more support for the campaign to stop this cruelty, most  people in the UK will be horrified to learn of these new proposals. You can google search contact details for your local paper.
5- If you are an animal campaign group in the UK please highlight this campaign to your own supporters and contact your own personal journalist contacts that you deal with to gain more publicity and public support against this new proposal.
6-Write to the RSPCA to get them to try and stop this immediately-