Serbia: Latest From ‘Felix’ Cat Shelter / Sanctuary – Photos, Info and Appeal to Help With New Building Updates Due to Terrible Winter – Can You Help Please ?


My name is Danica Mirkovic, I’m the president of Felinologic Association Felix and the owner of Cat Shelter Felix (it’s more of a sanctuary) in Serbia.

Felinologic Association Felix is an association of cat lovers, founded by my associates and me in Novi Sad, Serbia, a few years ago. It is registered as a nonprofit organization in Serbian Business Registers Agency, ID number: 08841187, Tax Identification Number: 103793133.

We were taking care of stray cats, trying to make their life on the street easier, but our protégés were endangered all the time. I have always thought that building of a shelter would mean safety for those (and other) cats so it finally took place in 2010.

My shelter is registered as a shelter of Felinologic Association Felix in Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, Forestry and Water Management, Department of Veterinary Medicine.  Cat Shelter Felix is located in a small village in Vojvodina, Serbia.

I have more than 100 cats in my shelter right now, all of them ex – strays. They are all neutered and spayed, vaccinated and checked by the vet on the regular basis and although some of them are very old or chronically ill it seems that they enjoy their life here.

In spite of the fact that my shelter is rather crowded, I can never turn my back on a cat in desperate situation, therefore they keep arriving every now and then. As the number of cats grows bigger, my expenses rise and it becomes harder and harder to defray them all, but the sight of happy kitties that are playing and running and resting completely relaxed, probably for the first time in their lives, makes all the efforts worthwhile.

The situation in Cat Shelter Felix is very dire indeed as the shelter has been damaged by unusually harsh winter. Workers are supposed to start repairing a roof and making a concrete backyard in April and it will cost about 8,500 euros.

My shelter depends of donations entirely and every kind of help is needed, welcome and greatly appreciated.

For further information please check out:

You can also read Laura’s story of Danica’s shelter on ‘care2’:

Here (above and below) are some very recent pictures that Danica has sent to us of all the cats at the shelter enjoying the better weather now.

Please put word out to all your contacts – everywhere !
We need to get the money in to help Danica and the cats complete all the work that is needed this summer.

Whatever you can give in the way of a donation, not matter how small or large, please do it.  This is very much appreciated.

PayPal button is on both the webiste and the blog – these include both PayPal and direct bank payment details:

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Thank you very much in advance for any donation you may be able to provide.

Please crosspost this information to all your national and international contacts.

Thank you;

Danica and SAV.

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