UK (England): Planned Badger Cull By the Government Now Stopped After Massive Protests – Another Government U Turn.

The UK government has announced it will delay a planned cull of badgers in England until next summer, after widespread protests against the scheme.  As with so many political issues in the UK at the moment, the government is doing more U turns than there are on an Alpine pass !

The government is avoiding the issues of vaccination – a major recommendation for solving this problem.

The government is also refusing to give any real time to the issue of cross-country animal transport; an issue that welfare campaigners have spoken about for years.  In their opinion it is much easier to just kill all the badgers as the justification for solving the issue of Bovine TB.  The welfare campaigners argue that if you transport cattle from Southern England to the North, and one may have BTB, then the disease may be passed into a previously un-affected area.  What do the government say ? – kill the badgers in the North; they must be the carriers.

It is not a simple solution; but vaccinations is one way to prevent further disease spread.  So why are the UK government not doing it ? – MONEY, one has to ask.

British people love Badgers – they are a protected species in the UK – protected that is, until the Cameron government decides it is going to cull thousands.  British people also do NOT want cattle killed because they have BTB –

The vast majority of British people want badgers AND cattle vaccinated.

The British people have reacted and the cull has now been stopped for a year at least.  Yet another government U turn; though they would say otherwise.

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Why are badgers implicated in spreading TB?

A: Scientific evidence has shown that bovine TB can be transmitted from cattle to cattle; from badgers to cattle and cattle to badgers; and from badger to badger. Badgers are thought to pass on the disease to cattle through their urine, faeces or through droplet infection, in the farmyard or in cattle pastures. However, it is not clear how big a role badgers play in the spread of bovine TB since the cows can also pass the disease on to other members of the herd.

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Stop the Cull e-petition & House of Commons debate

The Stop the Cull e-petition has now attracted more than 160,000 signatures and the issue has been accepted for debate in the House of Commons this Thursday, 25 October. It is very important that as many MPs as possible attend the debate and vote against the badger cull. You can help:

Sign the Stop the Badger Cull e-petition and encourage your friends and family to do so too.

If a citizen of the UK; Urge your Member of Parliament to attend the debate and vote against the badger cull. Please contact your MP today.

ABOVE – ‘Queen’ rock band legend guitarist and Badger fan Brian May speaks out in defence of the badger with all his campaigning – WELL DONE BRI  !!!

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