Germany: Dog Found Dead – Wrapped With Cable Clips – A Sign of Modern Attitudes to Animals By Some ?



This happened in Anklam, Meckenburg-Vorpommern.

The little dog was found, already dead, near the Anklam airfield.

Police and animal welfare are shocked, and are to take up investigations.

If it was someone just trying to get rid of his dog then there would have been a shelter close by the site where the dog was discovered. But clearly the perpetrator had other ideas

Any identification has yet to be found, hopefully enabling police to identify the owner.




2 Responses

  1. We all know who are doing these things to dogs. You let them in your country. Expect more of this inhumane treatment not by modern people but by the medieval muslims you allow to roam your country freely.

    • Veiled Heat,

      these crimes happen everywhere, they have no particular nationality.
      In Spain, for example, the animal cruelty situation has risen almost to an international league.
      Please read my article on greyhounds:

      But also in German slaughterhouses, torture and ILLEGAL cruelty to animals are part of everyday life.
      In every country in the world, people behave towards animals like the Nazis of the time, for reasons that I will not explain here and now.

      If you want to visit our blog in the future, you must be careful that your comments do not become racist.
      Racist comments will be deleted.
      Because racism is something I hate and actively fight.


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