England: Finally, The Government Bows To Public Pressure and Introduces A Ban On Wild Animals Used In Circuses.


FANTASTIC NEWS !! – 16/04/13


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Finally, after so many hard years of campaigning, public consultations etc, which always seemed to be ignored despite their overwhelming public support (94%) for a complete ban, we now have a deadline set by the UK government.  Always viewed as taking sides with the circus owners, the UK government has (in our view) now been forced to accept that the British public DO NOT want to see wild animals being used in pathetic circus acts in England.

Despite the end being December 2015, this now gives UK animal welfare organisations plenty of time to ensure that all the animals are re-homed in much better environments, and do not have to spend each and every day of their very sad lives chained and cramped in the back of a circus trailer.

Brilliant news, and we celebrate for the animals !

Well done everyone who worked so hard on this issue for so many years – now we see good triumph over evil.



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Circuses to face wild animal ban

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Circuses in England will be prohibited from using wild animals in their shows from the beginning of December 2015, the government has announced.

Ministers were initially reluctant to bring in a blanket ban – demanded by many MPs and campaigners – in case of legal action by operators.

Agriculture minister David Heath said the two-year “grace period” would allow circus owners to arrange suitable care.

There are currently 20 licensed wild animals working in circuses.

These include camels, zebras and snakes, but not elephants, monkeys, gorillas, chimpanzees or big cats.

‘Common sense’

Under the terms of the draft Wild Animals in Circuses Bill, the ban will cover any creature not normally domesticated in Britain.

The government has already introduced licensing regulations to improve conditions for performing animals until the law is changed.

Conservative MP Mark Pritchard, whose backbench motion in 2011 calling for a ban was passed without a vote in the Commons, said: “I am delighted the government have finally decided to introduce a ban.

“This is a victory for animal welfare and common sense – and proves that politicians who have belief, stick to their principles, and persevere despite hostile opposition, can still shape events.”

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ADI Logo


Congratulations to Jan and the crew at ADI (London) who gathered so much harrowing undercover footage over so many years; and who had the vigor to take this campaign all the way until a ban was achieved.







If you do nothing, just watch the videos.

You will only want to see them once.

Vivisection is the practice of animal experimentation. This can include administering drugs, infecting with diseases, poisoning for toxicity testing, brain damaging, maiming, blinding, and other painful and invasive procedures. It can include protocols that cause severe suffering, such as long-term social isolation, full-body restraint, electric shocks, withholding of food and water, or repeatedly breeding and separating infants from mothers.


Essentially, it is using animals in ways that cause distress and/or death in attempts to test the safety of drugs and biological products or of finding treatments, prevention, or cures for human diseases. However, results derived from the animal model are not valid or relevant for humans. Tens of millions (some estimate in excess of 25 million) of animals in the U.S. suffer, die, or are killed each year in laboratories for biomedical experimentation, product and cosmetic testing, and for science education.


Imagine spending your entire life as a hospital patient or prisoner – this will only begin to approximate the life of an animal in a laboratory. Animals in labs live stressful, unnatural lives of daily confinement and deprivation. They spend their life in barren cages, unable to exert their will, make choices, or express their natural behaviors and needs. Most never experience fresh air or sunshine, only bars and concrete. The only changes in their lives come from invasive experiments, which range from uncomfortable to agonizing. And they are helpless to defend themselves.

Ten worst laboratories in U.S:


Steps YOU can take to help end animal research

*Buy only cruelty-free cosmetics and household products. Download the free, pocket-sized Leaping Bunny Compassionate Shopping Guide with hundreds of companies who guarantee cruelty free at all levels of production:


*Write to companies that still test their products on animals and let them know that you won’t buy their products until they STOP.

*Sign up for NEAVS eNews and eAlerts to learn what you can do to help locally, nationally and globally:


*Make sure your charitable contributions are not going to cruel and wasteful animal experimentation. Visit Leaping Bunny for a complete updated list of approved charities.


*Tell the college or university from which you graduated that you won’t donate to the alumni fund as long as they continue to use animals in research or in their science education programs.

*Educate yourself and others about vivisection.

*Spread the word! When you see articles in your local newspaper about animal testing, write letters to the editor explaining how vivisection is cruel to animals and impedes progress on human health problems.

Source: NEAVS

Please read more: http://animal-lib.org.au/subjects/animals-for-science/52-vivisection-.html


“Vivisection is the blackest of all the black crimes that man is at present committing against God and his animal creations”.

~ Mahatma Gandhi

viv news


Please visit our recent post (below) on the World Day for Lab Animals – 24th April.

Note – the above has not been produced by NAVS.




UK (England) – National March and Rally – Sat 27th April.


WDLA Front

World lab rear




Please Sign the Petition to the EU Regarding Horse Transport and Slaughter.



Please sign the petition to the EU regarding horse cruelty during transportation and also at slaughter.

 Subject: WG: Petition to EU-Member Andreas Erler BAN CRUELTY TO HORSES ….

Please, click on the link to hear the wonderful voice and song from Maria Daines!


I’ve started the petition “Andreas Erler, a.erler@eurogroupforanimals.org:

BAN CRUELTY TO HORSES DURING TRANSPORT AND IN SLAUGHTERHOUSES ” and need your help to get it off the ground.

Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here’s the link:


Here’s why it’s important:

Link auf YouTube:

von: Annamaria Grabowski

Link auf YouTube:

von: Annamaria Grabowski

Link auf YouTube:

Mexico produces 78,000 tons p.a.
Argentina 57,000
Kazakstan 55,000
Brazil 21,000
Italy 16,000
Canada 18,000
Ukraine 13,000
Poland 18,000
Chile 10,000
Romania 14,000
Japan 200.000 horses
Senegal 9,5000
Columbia 6,000
Spain 5,000
China 150,000
Russia 80,000
Mexico 78,000
United States 25,000
(numbers estimated; by Wikipedia and Google)

Maria Daines`Song to Ban Horse Slaughtering:
Set Us Free:

You kill our souls you gonna carry this shame
Oh take a horse to water but he just won’t drink
I know your game no matter what you think
You wanna mess with me, I might knock out your teeth
Yeah all through history you wanna make us bleed an’ bleed
Well we got friends they all scratch our backs
The rope’s untied don’t take up the slack
Don’t go a pickin’ on me, they’re gonna set me free
They gonna set us free, they gonna set us free
Yeah all through history you never set us free
Well we got friends they all know the score
They’re right here breakin’ down the slaughterhouse door
They gonna set us free yeah, they gonna set us free
They gonna set us free, they gonna set us free
Oh the sun’s gonna shine on our backs they’re gonna set us free yeah
They’re gonna set us free, they’re gonna set us free
Oh the sun’s gonna shine on our backs n’ we’ll be runnin’ free…

Maria Daines/Paul Killington
17.2.06 All rights reserved
(mcps) ASCAP

You can sign my petition by clicking here.

Annamaria Grabowski

Please take a look unto my blog:



Thank You!





Serbian Petition – Can You Get Us to 3,000+ Signatures Before the 17th April ?

Serbian  Flag

Serbia petition – Last Push.

Dear all; we have had a great week with the petition for stray animals prior to the meeting on 17th April.


At the time of writing we have collected over 2,480 signatures from around the world in less than one week, which is brilliant !

Although we are hearing of some more positive news from sources regarding the meeting on 17th, we need to keep the pressure up right until the day.

It would be great if we could achieve 3,000 signatures by the day of the meeting – Wednesday 17th.

Can you help us do this ?

Can you please pass on the link to all of your contacts and friends before the 17th, and ask them to give their support to the petition.  The more signatures we have from around the world, the better things will be.  Although we are confident that the meeting will be positive, we must not drop our guard now; we need to keep the campaign going up until the last minute.

Please do what you can to help us reach 3,000 signatures, or even go beyond.

Post meeting news will be posted on this site once we have accurate information on the outcome of the meeting.

DIRECT Petition link =


Or alternatively, you can go via the SAV site link which is given at the start of this post.

Thank you all for your help and support.


5 Eutanazija

Shinter 1


petition pic

Please get everyone you know to do it NOW !!






Thailand: SOI DOGS – Can You Donate To Provide Shelter for Dogs Rescued From the Meat Trade ?


soi dogs 2soi dogs 1

soi dogs

soi dogs 4


Soi Dog Foundation Appeal: https://www.soidog.org/en/donate-today/08-04-2013-appeal/default.aspx

Your support is needed now to help build the shelters so that more dogs can be saved. Your donation of $100/€75 will provide 4 square meters of shelter for rescued dogs, a generous donation of $200/€150 will provide 8 square meters. Each shelter will be 1,500 square meters and 100% of all donations will go directly to this vital project.


A Crisis Looming For Dogs

Rescued From The Illegal Dog Meat Trade…

Dear Friends and Supporters of Soi Dog,

Last month over 1,000 dogs were rescued during arrests of dog meat traders. Had these dogs not been rescued they would have been transported to Vietnam and faced a slow and terrible end.

While it is wonderful that the lives of these dogs (such as those pictured here) have been saved a considerable challenge lies ahead and this will only be overcome with your help.

The recent interceptions of dogs destined for the dog meat trade has seen over 1,000 dogs saved in March alone. The shelter at Nakhon Phanom is now bursting at the seams.

After pressure from Soi Dog, the Department of Livestock Development agreed not to send 500 dogs to the Livestock center at Thong Pha Phum which itself is hopelessly overcrowded and is in effect a dumping ground far removed from public scrutiny.

300 dogs have recently been sent to the Khemmarat Livestock center, a much more suitable facility, however it is also already overcrowded.

The Department of Livestock have no budget to care for the dogs and have requested Soi Dog to help build additional shelters at Buriram in central Thailand. It is a matter of urgency that the first of these shelters be completed by the end of this month as otherwise additional arrests cannot occur, no dogs will be rescued and instead the dogs will suffer a horrifying fate on the dinner plates of Hanoi.

The video below (which contains no upsetting footage) gives a good overview of the situation and I encourage you to watch it.

Buriram is an ideal location as it is situated well away from any houses and covers a vast area of woodland. Yesterday 738,815 Thai Baht (about 25,000 US dollars) was transferred for over 30 tons of food.  Soi Dog will continue to do all that can be done to stop the trade and save the dogs but expenses are currently outstripping donations and that cannot continue for long.

Each of the 9 shelters will cost approximately 1 million Thai Baht (34,000 US dollars) to build. Soi Dog has authorized funding for the first of the shelters and is working with the Department of Livestock towards completing the shelter. Please do not stand by and allow the dog traders to win!

Your support is needed now to help build the shelters so that more dogs can be saved. Your donation of $100/€75 will provide 4 square meters of shelter for rescued dogs, a generous donation of $200/€150 will provide 8 square meters.

Each shelter will be 1,500 square meters and 100% of all donations received will go directly to this vital project.

I cannot emphasize too strongly that this is an emergency situation! Although natural disasters such as the 2011 Bangkok floods tend to grab people’s attention the situation here is far more grave. Owing to the recent interception of over 1,000 dogs the situation at the shelters has indeed reached crisis proportions.

The more funds raised the more shelters that can be built and more dogs can be saved from the fate of the dog meat trade. Your support is urgently needed today!

Best wishes,

John Dalley



P.S. Please donate as generously as you can so more dogs can be saved!

For residents of Thailand: A special bank account has been set up with the Kasikorn Bank, Cherngtalay, Phuket branch to accept donations solely for this purpose. The account number is 4862142212.

US Residents – Soi Dog is a registered charity in the USA and your donation is tax deductible to the full extent allowed by US law.

United Kingdom Residents – Soi Dog is a registered charity in the UK and your donation qualifies for HMRC gift aid.






Ireland: Join ARAN and CIWF for a National ‘Stop Live Exports from Ireland’ Rally on April 24


ARAN poster


Join ARAN and CIWF for a National ‘Stop Live Exports from Ireland’ Rally on April 24


(All pictures from ARAN)



Thousands of Irish animals need your help.

Join many others and book just two hours off from school, college, university or yes, even work! There will be inspiring speakers on the day and it’s family friendly so everyone is invited along to this peaceful event.

March saw the resumption of live cattle exports from a Waterford port which will be the first of many shipments from Ireland to the Middle East. This shipment was the first in more than ten years and was a sad, dark day for animals in Ireland – a step back in time. The hardship and blatant suffering many thousands of Irish cattle will face during the grueling journey is one thing, but the horrendous torment and cruelty these gentle animals will endure at point of destination, is only imaginable. When the animals reach Libya they will be slaughtered but generally without the “standards” that are often put in place in Western countries – either way the suffering is wrong and the live export trade from Ireland must be stopped.

It’s imperative if you want this horrendous trade stopped you must take a stand – please don’t leave it to others to do the active job of speaking out. Wherever you live in Ireland we’re asking you to please book just two hours off and attend this most important event of the year.

Thank you,

‘Fighting animal abuse across Ireland’


P.S. ARAN is working with CIWF specifically on the live exports campaign as the group is highly experienced and has led the calls to ban the vial trade across Europe.

Click here for an investigation into live exports,


ARAN Web Site =  http://www.aran.ie/







UK: April 24th Is World Day for Laboratory Animals. Data from NAVS (London).