Global (On Line) Animal Petitions – Links For You To Take Your Pick !

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Below are a few (online) petitions you may wish to sign.

The video footage and the actions of the police in the following video are ‘disturbing’ to say the very least.

There are many dozens of animal petitions on many dozens of sites.  We have included links to some of the main ones in the links which follow these few specific petitions.  Thus you can review anything and sign up to those which you personally feel need extra support.



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Facebook Executives: Ban Sadistic Pages of Wildlife Torture

Facebook’s own policy dictates that graphic violent photos should not be posted just for sadistic gratification — there is absolutely NO purpose in posting horrendously killed and half dead animals on facebook pages.

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Justice for the Death of Bijlee, the Elephant

Bijlee, a 58 year old female elephant, lost the fight for her life after being found in critical condition, abandoned on the side of the road in a suburb of Mumbai, India on June 11. Bijlee had been kept strapped on a crane as she could not stand or sit due to weak hind leg bones. Her body was bleeding at several places, as she has abrasions and maggot infested sores due to lying on the ground. Despite the voice of animal welfare activists, several veterinarians and experts from different parts of India to revive Bijlee, her condition progressively deteriorated and she passed away on June 30th.

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The Australian Government: STOP THIS CRUELTY!  

Factory Farms are self-regulated. This means that they can make the rules as to how they treat the animals which are ‘processed’ through their factories. In reality, it means that they can clip the teeth of piglets with pliers, cut off their tails and if they are male, castrate them. This is done while they are CONSCIOUS and without pain relief.

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United States Federal Government: Enforce animal abuse laws by forming federal animal police & harsher punishment

It’s a known fact based on studies and research that a person practices abuse/torture on helpless animals to move on to harming innocent people. There is also more behind all this animal abuse and dog fighting, such as gangs, illegal drugs, illegal ownership of firearms, etc. That can be stopped if we enforce animal abuse laws by forming federally funded undercover animal police investigators and create harsher punishment for violators.

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This video clearly shows the man video taping the police, which is NOT breaking any laws. He was ILLEGALLY arrested, and then his dog was shot. If he hadn’t been detained, the man’s dog wouldn’t have jumped out of the window to run to its owner. You can also see the man telling his dog to back off, and the dog was listening to it’s owner, until the Hawthorne Police Officer decided to shoot the poor dog.

There are dozens of animal petitions on Care2.  Here are the main links to the different categories as detailed.  Please just click on any link of your choice to then gain access to all animal petitions relating to that sector.

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