Indonesia: Ban The Masked Begging Street Monkeys ! – Petition and Sample Letter.


What pathetic Minister for the Environment allows this kind of animal abuse / suffering on a daily basis ? –

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Subject: FW: Ban Masked, Begging Street Monkeys in Indonesia
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2013 23:05:16 +0200

Mr. Dana A. Kartakusuma
Ministry of Environment
JI. D. I. Panjaitan Kebon Nanas
Jakarta – 13410
Tel: + 62 21 851 7148, + 62 21 8590 4937
Fax: 011 62 21 851 7147

Mr. Wiwit Wirsatyo
Minister, Deputy Chief of Mission
Embassy of Indonesia
2020 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC – 20036
Tel: +202 775 5304; 202 775-5216
Fax: +202 775 5217

Dear Sir,

Masked street monkeys in Jakarta, Indonesia are forced to wear bizarre costumes and give street performances as their owners collect money from spectators.
The emaciated long-tailed macaque monkeys are made to wear doll masks, wigs, and clothes and perform human tasks such as riding bikes, rocking horses and scooters.

Many are brutally trained to walk upright by being hung upside down, or having their hands tied behind their backs. In the first two weeks of being trained to perform cruel circus activities, countless monkeys suffer incredibly and die.

Animal activists in Jakarta have said the practice is cruel, and illegal. 
I ask the Indonesian government to stop this cruel exploitation.

Further information and lots of photographs at:

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