Poland: Any Slaughter Without Stunning IS Forbidden In Poland!



Very good news

After few months of intensive campaign (and a few more less intensive before) started by Viva! but joined and carried by many other organisations (including Gaja and Otoz Animals) we did it!

Any slaughter without stunning is forbidden in Poland!

We are amongst few countries in the EU to ban religious slaughter!

if it wasn’t for viva – it would not be possible BUT without those others organisations most likely neither.




Our Viva! Poland Manager, Czarak says: “We are overwhelmed with this victory, most of us still can’t believe it. I believed in it always but I’m an optimist and believe we can do anything .”

Fox news.com

Polish lawmakers reject reinstating religious slaughter of animals, Jews protest

Published July 12, 2013


Associated Press

Polish parliament’s lower house has voted to reject a government plan to reinstate the religious slaughter of animals.

Lawmakers rejected the divisive issue in a 222-178 vote Friday as 38 members of the ruling Civic Platform party joined the opposition to vote against it.

Until January, Poland was making good business exporting kosher and halal meat to Israel and Muslim countries, but religious slaughter was banned under pressure from animals’ rights groups, which say it causes unnecessary suffering because the livestock aren’t stunned before being killed.

The government argues the ban means a loss of money and 6,000 jobs at a time when around 13 per cent of Poles are unemployed.

The Conference of European Rabbis condemned the vote, calling it a sad day for Polish and European Jews.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2013/07/12/polish-lawmakers-reject-reinstating-religious-slaughter-animals-jews-protest/#ixzz2Z6uLtIJX


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Serbia: Is Rabies Now Being Invented by the Ministry Yet Again In Order to Undertake Mass Animal Killings ? – Maybe, As Serbia Has NOT Officially Informed the OIE of Any Outbreak, Which It Should If A Reality !

Serbian  Flag

UPDATE 17/7/2013.

SAV have today written to the Serbian authorities regarding the alleged Rabies outbreak in Zabrezje and the hunting grounds ‘Posavina’.

You can read a copy of the letter by clicking on the following link:

SAV Rabies letter to Serbian government 17 7 2013

Slavica has supported the distribution of the SAV letter by ensuring that copies are sent to all the appropriate personnel at the Ministry and in government.  We have requested a response by the end of 19/7.  Again this can be sent by the authorities to Slavica, who will then forward on to us.  Alternatively, the authorities have our e mail address and can respond to us directly.

We hope the letter makes our feelings on this matter clear.

Regards Mark.



Original post starts here.

We call on the Serbian government and regional authority to either provide all the information to the OIE about this alleged ‘Rabies’ outbreak, or if they do not, then we can only assume one thing once again – that the Serbian government is again ‘inventing’ disease outbreaks within Serbia in order to undertake the mass and illegal killing of animals. –  SAV.

News in fro Slavica – 16/7/13:

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of Serbia have adopted legislation No. 323-02-5571/2013-05 from the date of 10/07/2013 which applies to the area of Zabrezje in Obrenovac, and in the hunting grounds “Posavina”.

It declares that the area is infected with the disease Rabies.

An area of at least 10 km is declared to be in danger of this infectious disease – rabies.

And so as the Serbian authorities always wish because they do not have any useful animal management policies, according to the decision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, all unmarked and unvaccinated stray dogs and cats will be killed, and there will be increased hunting allowed of foxes and other wild animals who are living in this area.

Campaigners in Serbia have asked in writing that the Serbian authorities to PROVIDE EVIDENCE ABOUT RABIES PUBLICLY!

By going public, you have to provide the proof; put all your facts on the table for people to see – you cannot simply make a ‘Rabies area’ statement and then go on by allowing the legal the killing of all stray animals.

Our request is that the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management work in accordance with the law solve this problem rather than just inventing the issue of rabies yet again in order that they can then start killing all wild animals.!

Stray animals, as well as wild animals, should not be killed before any accurate analysis is undertaken to determine the facts.  These facts should then be made public.

Have we not seen the ‘invention’ of Rabies infected areas in the past in order that regional authorities can simply undertake a mass cull of animals rather than provide a proper stray animal management for reduction ?


Here is the link to global animal diseases which is constantly updated by the OIEnote that the issue of Rabies and Serbia does NOT appear to be given on the listing: 


As we say, probably just another ‘invention’ by the authorities to allow them to undertake mass and illegal animal killings.

Some of our past post relating to the ‘invention’ of rabies in areas where authorities wish to undertake mass killing of animals in order that they do not have to comply with existing Serbian legislation and provide care for stray animals:










         if you wish please copy the link to this post and also send this to the authorities – as proof that we know this has happened many times before; and yet, the OIE who are the very people who should be informed about Rabies outbreaks – NEVER ARE !



OIE Rabies links:




08/07/2013 Greece notifies one rabies outbreak
In a follow-up report sent to the OIE, Greece notified that one outbreak of rabies has occurred in the Pella region
. A dead fox has been found in the framework of the programme of rabies passive surveillance. 

BUT NOT SERBIA !! – how very strange.



Please copy and send the following sample letter to the following:


To:  komunalno.stambeno@beograd.gov.rs, zorica.novakovic@minpolj.gov.rs, budimir.plavsic@minpolj.gov.rs, maja.andrijasevic@minpolj.gov.rs, s.celebicanin@minpolj.gov.rs, miroslav.cuckovic@obrenovac.org.rs, dragoslav.mrsevic@obrenovac.org.rs, ivan.jegorovic@obrenovac.org.rs, dragan.blazic@obrenovac.org.rs,

Cc: beogradski_program@rts.rs, rtstv@rts.rs, tvprogram@studiob.rs, redakcija@politika.rs, redakcija@novosti.rs, redakcija@nin.co.rs, redakcija@vreme.com, redakcija@blic.rs, redakcija@alo.rs, desk@danas.rs, redakcija@24sata.rs, redakcija@dnevnik.rs, redakcija@kurir-info.rs,


SAMPLE LETTER to copy and send to the above addresses:

 Ministarstvo poljoprivrede, sumarsta i vodoprivrede Srbije donelo je resenje br. 323-02-5571/2013-05 od 10.07.2013. godine kojim podrucje mesta Zabrezje, u opstini Obrenovac i u lovistu “Posavina”, proglasava ZARAZENIM OD ZARAZNE BOLESTI BESNILA.

Podrucje od najmanje 10 kilometara od zarista proglasava se ugrozenim od zarazne bolesti besnila. Prema odluci Ministarstvo poljoprivrede Srbije bice ubijeni svi neobelezeni i nevakcinisani psi i macke bez vlasnika i bice pojacan odstrel lisica i drugih divljih zivotinja koje zive na tom podrucju.

Molimo nadležne da JAVNO PRUZE NA UVID DOKAZE O BESNILU! Na ovaj nacin se ne moze legalizovati ubijanje zivotinja bez vlasnika, umesto da se one adekvatno zbrinu.

Ovaj problem mora da se resi u skladu sa zakonom. Zivotinje bez vlasnika, kao i divlje zivotinje, ne smeju se lisavati zivota dok se ne uradi tačna analiza i utvrdi pravo cinjenicno stanje.

Molimo nadležne da hitno reaguju! Ne širite strah, paniku i mržnju prema životinjama.

Please add your name and country of nationality HERE



Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of Serbia adopted the legislation No. 323-02-5571/2013-05 from 10/07/2013 that the area of Zabrezje in Obrenovac, and in hunting ground “Posavina”, PROCLAIMS INFECTED WITH CONTAGIOUS ANIMAL DISEASE RABIES.

Area of at least 10 km declared to be in danger of infectious disease rabies. According to the decision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, all unmarked and unvaccinated stray dogs and cats will be killed and will be increased hunting of foxes and other wild animals who are living in this area.

We ask Serbian authorities to PROVIDE THE EVIDENCE ABOUT RABIES PUBLICLY! With this method you cannot legalizing the killing of all stray animals, instead to take care of them.

Our request is that you in accordance with the law solve this problem! Stray animal, as well as wild animals, should not be killed before the accurate analysis is done and determine the facts.